A Content Marketing Plan For Every Type Of Attorney

notes-514998_1280 (1)Holdouts to content marketing are now few are far between.  The strategy is one of the most valuable on the web.  It allows a law firm to demonstrate its legal prowess directly to clients as well as those persons who could act as influencers for those clients.  It provides the opportunity to rank for certain keywords that are important to ongoing business.  And it enables a practice to fill out its website with many different media formats centered around a litany of subjects inherent to the legal world.

If you’ve decided that the time is finally right for content marketing, then your first question is likely to be:  just what am I going to write about?  Most of your marketing efforts up until now have probably largely been advertising efforts.  You’ve talked a lot about what your law firm can do but not so much about the assorted intricacies of the legal world itself.

That needs to change with content marketing.  As a lawyer, it’s up to you to relate the latest news in the legal world while providing insights that a prospective client might not be able to get anywhere else.  Clients are looking for information that can help them navigate what could be the most challenging situation they’ve ever been through, and if you’re the one to serve up that information, you’ll become their lawyer.

Today, we’re going to look at different types of attorneys and highlight the kinds of content that such legal representatives could use to curry favor with an audience.  If you notice that you fit into one of these categories, hopefully this gives you some idea of how to operate in the modern world of content marketing.

coffee-569178_640Personal Injury Lawyers

This type of lawyer has it easier than probably any other type of attorney out there, just because there’s so much they can write about.

There are always accidents taking place in the world.  That’s sad, but it’s also true.  If you can keep tabs on these, you should have no problem relating the most important insights to clients.

Take product recalls for example.  By simply setting up a few newsfeeds with the government agencies responsible for overseeing recalls (the CPSC, the FDA, the NHTSA, the FSIS), you can easily keep track of the latest items on the market that have suffered from defects that could put people at risk.  When you create content and landing pages for the most noteworthy of these recalls, you set yourself up to receive visitors who have been injured by those products.

You should also be willing to explore every other aspect of personal injury, particularly those things that have a direct impact at the local level.  Has a report come out about injury rates throughout the country?  Highlight where your state stands, how it got that way, and what work needs to be done to make things better.  Have hospitals in the area been privy to a recent jump in preventable medical errors?  Talk about how patients have been affected and how those hospitals could set things right.  Was a new law passed in regard to distracted driving?  Talk about the impact of that law on the personal injury field.

Tips on all manner of personal injury subjects also work great.  You can create guidelines focused on avoiding an auto accident, a slip and fall injury, or multiple other types of injurious incidents.  You can offer tips centered on the holidays and seasons, things like “How To Prevent A Fire This Halloween” or “Hot Car Dangers To Avoid This Summer.”  And you can even offer tips on the legal process itself, highlighting how someone in trouble might be able to navigate the situation with the aid of an attorney.

entrepreneur-593377_640Family Lawyer

Family attorneys have to take a different kind of approach to content marketing.  Whereas a personal injury lawyer can open up the daily newspaper and very quickly discover something that acts as a springboard to content, a divorce lawyer doesn’t exactly get his or her mind racing by looking at the legal notices of separations on page 18.

But you do have options.  The first and most obvious could be something as simple as keeping tabs on the latest celebrity separations.  That kind of thing draws the interest of an audience.  We would suggest leaving the gossip to the magazines and instead focusing on the issues that could be driving such a divorce.  Talk about matters of fault and custody and asset division, as this is the kind of thing that anyone would find relatable.

If you’re willing to ditch the celebrity breakups, though, you can instead explore the nuts and bolts of how divorce generally works.  Offer tips on getting a spouse’s name off of a joint account, securing custody of the kids, navigating social media, and all those other topics that come up during a separation.  You’re an expert, and you don’t need to rely on breaking news to offer content.  Your job is to give people answers to questions they didn’t even know they were asking yet.

Defense Attorneys

For criminal defense lawyers, actions truly do speak louder than words.  More so than perhaps any other type of practice, an individual in the market for a defense attorney wants to see the results that their prospective legal rep has gotten in the past, as that’s a reflection of what could come in the future.

Delve into detail on the legal strategies you’ve applied in previous cases, how you helped people escape trumped-up charges, and how you stood for justice when no one else would step up.  You can also discuss defense proceedings as a whole, paying attention to trends you’ve noticed, how recent decisions could impact the future, and how assorted laws are being interpreted.

But Wait, There’s More

These are three of the biggest attorney types, but they’re far from all of them.  Whether you’re writing about patent law, environmental law, real estate law, contract law, or any number of other legal issues, you should be able to find some way to make what you do intriguing to a general audience.  You obviously find your work interesting, so now it’s up to you to illuminate precisely why to everyone else.  Get started now.

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