Legal Marketing Advantage

LMA is one of the fastest growing internet marketing tech companies in North America. The company was founded by a team of experienced internet marketing enthusiasts reigning from various aspects of the legal field. The team united under the core principles that technology is a true game changer, that new generations may never open a Yellow Pages book to find the services they seek, or may never know what print marketing is. Instead, a rapidly growing segment of the world’s population is relying solely on the internet to provide answers to their questions, with “how do I find a good lawyer” being one of them.

In an era full of uncertainties, WE ARE CERTAIN that success will be achieved by those who embrace and effectively leverage the very technology that is disrupting and simultaneously destroying traditional marketing models. We meet the challenges of tomorrow head on today, bringing you confidence and peace of mind for the present and far into the future.

What We Do

Providing Customized Search Marketing Solutions Exclusively for Lawyers

LMA is proud to offer a diverse array of search marketing solutions to satisfy your needs and match your budget. Utilizing state of the art technology and an innovative strategy, the experienced internet marketing team at Legal Marketing Advantage help attorneys and law firms grow their business and reach their full potential. Internet marketing has been proven to be the most cost effective way to connect with potential clients searching for what you offer. Therefore, we develop customized internet marketing solutions to empower legal professionals with a simple and affordable way to attract qualified prospects who become clients.

How We Do It

In a world of cut-throat competition, where technology has invalidated traditional marketing techniques, you must adapt and embrace change in order to thrive!

Led by industry experts that “love” what they do, our dynamic team seeks to propel your firm ahead with tailored search marketing solutions. We do this through tireless research, analysis, and well thought out implementation techniques. Every action we execute is based upon logical solutions to the problems we face together. We stay ahead of the curve, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best , running your legal practice.