All Marketing Tactics Orbit Around Your Website

solar-system-414388_1280It used to be that the extent of a law firm’s online marketing strategy consisted of building a website and waiting for the calls and emails from clients to come pouring in.  But that time has past, quite a while ago in fact.  The website is the very first step in an online marketing endeavor, and it’s a baby step at that. The world of internet marketing has grown so much in the past five and ten years that just having a website is like just having a diet consisting of ketchup; it might give you some sustenance, but it works ideally when you have something to season.

Your website must be used to season everything else you do online and in the physical world.  If you don’t think that’s true, then consider a recent article in the Huffington Post.  That piece looks at the interconnectedness of SEO, social media, and content marketing.

What we want you to come away with is the fact that, while all of these are separate disciplines, the thread that ties them all together is your website.  It’s the center of where you produce your content, it’s the place that all your social feeds link to, and it’s ground zero for what your separate SEO efforts are trying to point toward.

That article linked to above shows how to blend your various strategies seamlessly, but what we’d like to do is show how your website acts as the cornerstone for just about everything you do.  This will hopefully allow you to see that web marketing is a journey worth exploring to its fullest.

horse-350390_640Tradition Versus Progress

One of the biggest uses of a website is to simply act as a gateway for people who are exposed to your ads on traditional channels.  The number of people who are willing to place an immediate call to a law firm based on the briefest of messages has dwindled to record-low numbers.  In their place are hordes of individuals who, though perhaps impressed by what they see in a traditional ad, want to conduct more research into a firm before they pull the trigger and initiate contact.

That’s why including your online web handle on every ad you put out is so important.  If you have a television commercial, it’s perfectly acceptable to invite your audience to give you a call, but that shouldn’t be the only option you give them.  It’s far preferable to say, “If you’ve been injured, call us today at xxx-xxx-xxxx or visit our website at….”

Give a person both options.  Do this with every traditional ad you create.  If you take out an ad in the newspaper, a person is just as inclined to reach over to their tablet as they are to their phone.  If you have a billboard or a radio ad, an individual is going to have an easier time remembering the name of a website handle than they are to remember a full phone number.

Online marketing doesn’t have to take the place of traditional marketing.  Both types of campaigns excel when online marketing is used to supplement the traditional realm, whereas they’re both hamstrung when they can’t feed off of each other.  Traditional ads allow you a funnel to point people toward your website, while your website gives you a chance to acquire those persons who may have otherwise looked past your traditional ad.

bullseye-429631_640The Center Of SEO

You want a website to do more than just act as a point of contact for people who have seen your traditional ads, though.  In fact, you want it to bring in those individuals who don’t pay attention at all to traditional ads.  And that requires a bit of work.

The first thing you must do is fill your website with an ever-expanding stockpile of content that will simultaneously impress the people who visit you while increasing your search rankings.  Yes, a website with bare bones information about your practice might be enough for those who came there as a result of your traditional ad.  But people conducting research for an attorney online want a lot more than just the basic information.  Not only will a threadbare web presence not impress those persons, but they’ll never find you in the first place.

Every piece of content grants you the opportunity to move higher up the search results for terms that matter to you.  That’s because every blog post, infographic, and video centered around the subject of something like “personal injury” is proof to Google that you have legal authority and thus deserve higher rankings.  Without such content, you’re destined to remain on pages far below the first. It’s rare that an individual looking for a lawyer or any kind of business will move all the way to page ten and beyond in the Google search results.

It’s in your best interest in every possible way to continue to create a wide array of content for your website.  Doing so increases your visibility, and once your visibility is increased, more people will come to your site and see the awesome content that allowed your visibility to expand.  That’s the kind of cycle you want to be a part of.

Maximum Acquisition Numbers

Then you have all those other online marketing techniques that hinge on a website.  It’s not like you can create a Pay Per Click ad without a website the way you could a traditional ad.  A website is absolutely necessary in order to have someplace for an online ad to point to.  And if that website follows the content plan we touched on above, the persons who click the ad are more likely to be impressed enough to contact you further.

You could be on social media, but again, there won’t be much of a point without a website.  Some people may connect with an attorney, but it’s incredibly rare that someone would hire a lawyer on social interactions alone.  Even if they’re thinking of doing so, they’re going to want to learn more on a website.  If the site is nonexistent or inferior in any way, you can’t close the deal.

There are more online marketing efforts that require a website, and you should be willing to explore all of them.  Just remember to make your web domain the center of your continuing legal marketing efforts.

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