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Online Attorney Marketing Is No Longer Optional

One big problem that can hinder a law firm’s success is assuming that an online marketing effort is optional.  Even a practice that begins to put forth such an endeavor may determine that online marketing is the first thing to be cut when the belt gets tightened.  The thinking goes that the website is up […]

Embrace The Future To Stand Out From The Competition

With an industry as ever-changing as SEO or digital marketing, you have to constantly look ahead to the trends of the future.  If you embark upon a digital campaign to bring new clients to your law firm today, by the time you get things up and running with current practices, the community will have moved […]

Make Sure Marketing Claims Don’t Anger Prospective Clients

We came across a new article in Clickz that brings up an interesting point all law firms should understand.  The author provides a scenario where the things that a marketer is saying in all manner of advertisements and marketing formats actually wind up contradicting what the customer finds when they come into greater interaction with […]

SEO And Marketing Duds You’ll Want To Return After Christmas

Yesterday, we highlighted some of the SEO and marketing gifts that a law firm wants to unwrap this Christmas.  If you don’t pursue things like a multi-faceted link profile, new social channels, and coordination between online and traditional marketing, you can’t have as successful of a 2015 as you would otherwise like. That said, we’ve […]

What Law Firm Marketers Should Be Thankful For

With the holiday bringing the week to a close earlier than usual, this is the perfect time to give thanks for all those things that make this a great time to be a legal marketer.  While making the switch to online marketing from traditional channels takes some time and effort, once you reach the point […]

How An Open Dialogue Can Aid Your Law Firm Marketing

When you hire a marketing agency, it’s tempting to have an initial conversation and then let the marketers go off and do their own thing while you sit back and wait for clients to roll in.  After all, that’s what you’re paying that agency for, and they should be capable of bringing people to your […]

Bring Client Prospects In For A Safe Landing

You did it.  You got people to your website, and victory is within your grasp.  But here’s the thing:  how sure are you that the person who visits your site will take the next step to actually contact your firm? That’s what far too many businesses lose sight of.  After all, you could have the […]

A Law Firm Website Is Step One In Your Digital Journey

To say you want to engage in digital marketing and just leave it at that fails to take into account the full totality of what digital marketing actually means.  It’d be like going to a restaurant and saying you want to order a cow rather than ask for a burger or a steak or a […]

Make Your Law Firm Stand Out From The Rest

There’s a big problem in the marketing of many modern law firms:  messages that boil down to “We’re a group of lawyers.  Call us today.” That’s just not enough anymore.  People have more choices than ever in everything they do.  If they don’t like one restaurant, they can go to Yelp and find similar establishments […]

Legal Marketing Never Takes A Vacation

You can never stop marketing your law firm, even if you’re not around to see to the actual day-to-day functions of that job.  Taking a break is simply something that does not occur in the marketing world.  You never see a fast food chain cease advertising just because someone in the marketing department decided to […]