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Use Content To Send Your Firm Into The Stratosphere

We often talk about the importance of creating awesome content that your prospective clients could truly benefit from, but perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves when we do that.  If creating great content were easy, then everyone would do it.  But saying all you have to do to acquire new clients is produce fantastic content […]

Let Your Voice Be Heard Through Content Marketing

Is there a facet of marketing that’s simultaneously more important yet more misunderstood than content marketing?  The general consensus, even for those who are just now embracing the idea of investing in online marketing, is that content is important, but figuring out the best way to put forth a strategy proves a little more tricky. […]

A Content Marketing Plan For Every Type Of Attorney

Holdouts to content marketing are now few are far between.  The strategy is one of the most valuable on the web.  It allows a law firm to demonstrate its legal prowess directly to clients as well as those persons who could act as influencers for those clients.  It provides the opportunity to rank for certain […]

Don’t Slip During Your Content Marketing Journey

When a law firm embraces content marketing, they set themselves up to make the long trek necessary to reach the top of the search results.  If you put in the hard work, you’ll be rewarded with the kind of placement that can bring clients to your doorstep in droves. That said, the content marketing journey […]

Content Creation Is Only Step One For Law Firms

If you’ve followed this blog, or even just browsed through the headlines really quick, you’ll see that we’re pretty big proponents of content marketing.  With so many law firms jockeying for position in the search rankings, all attempting to land on the radar of clients from far-flung parts of the state, content remains the one […]

Content Traps That Can Hold Back Your Law Firm

Creating content that suits a law firm’s audience should be a relatively straightforward process.  You know the typical situation that brings a person to your law firm, and thus you should have a good idea as to what kind of information they seek and what kinds of articles/videos/images they’ll respond to. Unfortunately, it’s easy for […]

Why Content Deserves Your Investment

We’re big proponents of content marketing here at Legal Marketing Advantage, for two primary reasons.  First, it’s the only surefire way to help your law firm climb its way through the search results for keywords that matter to your practice.  Second, once a person actually visits your website, they’ll see the thought that you put […]

The Content Marketing Path: Perilous But Navigable

When a law firm comes to us wondering how they can reach the top of Google for keywords that matter to their practice, we point to the inherent value of content marketing.  Today, content marketing is one of the most fundamental parts, if not the most fundamental part, of Search Engine Optimization.  You can’t hope […]

There’s Always Time For Content Marketing

Many law firms are reluctant to embrace content marketing because of what they perceive as an unnecessarily huge time commitment.  They assume that, to really make a dent with a content marketing campaign, you have to be willing to approach the discipline constantly, spending an inordinate amount of time crafting the perfect message that will […]

Content: The Final Piece Of The Marketing Puzzle

Content marketing is the engine that drives just about every other facet of your marketing.  Do you have a traditional ad campaign using television commercials and billboards?  People who see those ads will go to your website, but if you don’t have great content available, they’ll go elsewhere.  Are you hoping to rank organically for […]