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Passion For Content Drives Marketing

Attorneys know everything there’s to know about the law. They help clients by offering their expertise before a judge, and they do it for the love of justice. Passion for doing what’s right is not the only aspect of those dedicating their lives to justice, it’s also what moves readers. But passion comes in different […]

The Best Things In Online Marketing Life Aren’t Always Free

There’s one big positive about marketing in the digital age that the traditional method of advertising will never be able to touch, and that’s the cost.  While it’s going to take a little money to buy a domain and start a website, it takes nothing to actually put content on that website.  You create it […]

Judging A Law Firm By Its Cover (And Its Content)

You probably don’t think of yourself as a publisher (unless, that is, you’ve written some kind of book about the legal system), but that’s sort of what you have to become if you want to succeed in this brave new world of content marketing and Search Engine Optimization. A new article in Econsultancy highlights the […]

Helping Clients In Need Before They Know They’re In Need

When do you start helping your clients?  Is it the moment they decide to hire you as their legal representative?  Is it when they contact you for a free consultation? We would argue that you should be helping your clients long before you can actually call them your clients.  Assistance needs to begin as soon […]

The Future Of Marketing Is Within Sight Today

Last month was all about people providing their predictions for marketing and SEO in 2015 and offering tips on putting forth a successful strategy for the same.  But now that the excitement of the New Year has worn off, you’re not seeing much about the year to come. One new article in Search Engine Land […]

Tell The World About Your Legal Victories

You did it!  After months, maybe even years of negotiations, evidence collection, legal wrangling, and arguments heard in front of a judge and jury in a courtroom, the monumental case your firm was instrumental in putting forth has finally drawn to a close. And you won!  The opposition’s claims just didn’t carry water, and you […]

Resolutions Every Law Firm Should Make Come Midnight

It’s the last day of the year, which means it’s time to formulate your resolutions for 2015.  While everyone else is planning to hit the gym, go on diets, or get eight hours of sleep per night, why don’t you try something a little different this year?  Make this the year your law firm resolves […]

How Law Firms Can Harness Cyber Monday For Marketing

Black Friday is so yesterday’s news.  Store shelves are picked clean, and people across the country are having second thoughts about all those great deals on toaster ovens that they got in line at noon on Thanksgiving for.  How many toaster ovens does one person need?! Today is a different type of shopping event:  Cyber […]

The Holidays Arrive Early For Law Firm Marketers

Fa la la:  the Christmas season has already started in earnest, with the starter gun going off well before Black Friday even arrives.  If you’ve recently taken a stroll through your local mall, you know that Christmas marketing strategies are already in full effect.  In fact, a lot of businesses didn’t even wait until Halloween […]

Don’t Just Advertise To Clients; Engage Them

In the past, the only attorneys who dealt with engagement were those tasked with drafting a prenup for couples that have just agreed to tie the knot.  But when it comes to marketing, engagement is precisely what you need if you’re going to experience any degree of success in the current marketplace. The idea of […]