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This Valentine’s Day, Express Some Love For Online Marketing

It’s the time of the year when love is in the air.  Chocolates and roses of all kinds line the store shelves, reservations have been booked, and in a few days, couples everywhere will walk hand in hand for a romantic evening on the town. But there’s another type of love that we want you […]

All Marketing Tactics Orbit Around Your Website

It used to be that the extent of a law firm’s online marketing strategy consisted of building a website and waiting for the calls and emails from clients to come pouring in.  But that time has past, quite a while ago in fact.  The website is the very first step in an online marketing endeavor, […]

Bring Your Law Firm’s Marketing Into The 21st Century

Yesterday, we addressed the importance of never growing so comfortable with your stature in the legal community that you let your marketing efforts slacken.  But that’s not the only type of comfort that can prove dangerous to your practice.  You also can’t grow so comfortable in your marketing techniques that you’re unwilling to try new […]

Conformity Is Vital For Online Legal Marketing

Ideally, your law firm wouldn’t have to market its services in order to draw in clients.  You want to be able to position yourself in such a manner that when someone thinks, “Gee, I think I’m getting a bad deal here, I’m going to call a personal injury lawyer,” your practice will be the first […]

Saving Money Through Online Law Firm Marketing

In an ideal world, a lawyer would be able to take part in every form of marketing imaginable.  Radio ads, television ads, billboards, print ads, online marketing, a PPC campaign, SEO, social media marketing, Retargeting, etc. But this isn’t an ideal world, and funds are not unlimited.  Most law firms are unable to have a […]

When Legal Marketing Doesn’t Look Like Marketing

With more channels than ever to market on, how do you decide what gives you the most bang for your buck?  You can go the traditional route, emblazoning your law firm’s message across television,  radio, and billboard space within the cities you operate.  You can go the online route, making sure that you have a […]

Converting Clients At Every Stage Of Their Journey

The portion of a population that is actively seeking a lawyer for the immediate future is actually quite small.  People can put legal representation out of their minds for years until an unanticipated situation suddenly crops up that has them scrambling for an attorney, and fast. That doesn’t mean that you can stop marketing and […]

Legal Marketing Requires Strategization

Marketing shouldn’t be entered into haphazardly.  Your law firm should have some idea what it wants before it pursues any new marketing avenue, be that SEO or content marketing or social media.  That way, you can figure out the best way to appeal to people and turn regular website visitors into the clients that will […]

The Internet Changes The Nature of Legal Correspondence

A recent incident which played out in West Orange Township, New Jersey highlights the ever-changing world that attorneys must learn to operate in.  When traditional methods of conducting business are applied to the internet era, the results can be detrimental to a firm’s reputation. This particular situation began when an individual registered a domain that […]

It’s About The Audience, Not The Device

It’s easier than ever to reach only those persons most in need of an attorney.  With the general audience more segmented than ever, casting a wide net isn’t as great of a strategy as it used to be because there’s not as much to catch within that net.  Instead, it’s up to you to figure […]