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Personal injury attorneys face some of the fiercest competition the legal field has to offer as thousands of tech savvy firms continuously vie to gain a foothold online. Entry into the marketplace is both difficult and time consuming where a daily fight for dominance in the digital space creates numerous challenges for firms of all sizes. Competition for personal injury services online continues to increase at a rapid pace as more attorneys turn to the internet to meet their marketing needs.

The level of competition is compounded even more so in large cities, like Los Angeles. During the summer of 2010, Nagelberg Bernard Law Group sought the services of Legal Marketing Advantage to transform their firm’s small website into a nationally recognized brand. LMA’s team successfully built the personal injury law firm’s local marketing presence, then expanding the firm’s reach into the national arena.


Nagelberg Bernard Law Group ( faced a daunting task to gain a foothold in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area, America’s second largest city and arguably most competitive personal injury market. The original website was poorly optimized for search engines and back links which are a key component to increase and maintain a websites search engine rankings were nearly nonexistent.

Preliminary research revealed that dozens of large and established personal injury firms already dominated the market, with years of work put into obtaining impressive search engine rankings. Market penetration in Los Angeles presented several challenges that were confronted and solved using LMA’s proven search marketing tactics.


The first order of business with was to put the website on a platform to streamline content creation and distribution in a productive and efficient manner. LMA utilized the WordPress content management system for its ability to integrate search engine optimization features and robust web development options.

As the saying goes, “content is king”, and Nagelberg Bernard Law Group required a lot of it. The competition had the advantage of time, with a head-start of several years to build out their sites (some with thousands of pages). In order to rise in the search rankings needed to bridge the content gap quickly. LMA did this by dedicating a team of expert writers to build out Nagelberg Bernard Law Group’s website with relevant, optimized, and newsworthy content.

LMA then deployed a vast back-linking strategy which included newly devised techniques created just for and the personal injury market.


After only a few months LMA had on the front page of Google for multiple keywords, driving a steady flow of targeted traffic to the site that continue to generate viable leads and transcend into valuable cases. For top search keywords such as Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles, Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer, and Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles now appears towards the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s search engine results.


Website Size:

Increased from 35 pages to 4,010

Alexa Rank:

Ranking increased from 1,754,401 to 238,384


Backlinks increased from 102 to 4,203 (increased by 4,120%)

Lead Generation:

Leads increased from zero internet leads to approximately 40 a month.