Client Word of Mouth is the Ultimate Marketing Effort

We so often focus on the online component of legal marketing efforts that we forget that all those things which happen outside the internet can still be valuable tools to draw new clients.  The more your firm can be seen out there in the real world, the easier it is to get potential clients to enlist your help or go online to learn more.  A new article discusses how word of mouth can be maintained both online and offline, and lawyers should understand the benefit of these tactics.

Marketing aside, the best thing you can do to get new clients is successfully serve those clients you already have.  But if that’s all there was to it, attorney marketing wouldn’t even exist.  Even though someone who previously hired you as a lawyer may have had a good experience, their reach can only extend so far…

…unless you prompt them to discuss your firm on a public platform.  Testimonials on your site, on Youtube, and on various social media are a great way to get more clients interested in your site and improve your cache in the eyes of the search engines.  Kindly ask your clients to post some reviews about your firm, and to reference friends also in the market for a lawyer.

Finally, make sure you develop your authority both online and offline.  Online, answer legal questions posed by Twitter followers or on such sites as Yahoo answers.  Offline, go to legal conferences and host lectures and discussions at law schools.  Become a presence in the online and offline communities and your firm will prosper.

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