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Even law firms that are passionate about content marketing may find themselves reaching the end of their ropes in terms of what they’re able to offer consumers.  After a few months or even years, you may feel that you’ve exhausted all options in terms of content.  There’s no product recalls to relate, no legal discourse you haven’t delved into, no progress on your current cases.

Do you give up at this point?  Far from it:  these moments are great opportunities for getting creative with what you offer.  It’s times when your brain is taxed that tend to bear the choicest fruit.  A new article explains some great content marketing strategies that don’t actually require you to put together additional content, and learning how to put forth these techniques will be critical for law firms.

For one thing, and please don’t think of this as a plug, but you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting yourself.  Firm partners have pretty full plates and often don’t have the time or the desire to write a few articles per day on the legal system.  Even those fresh out of law school likely dread the thought of immediately distilling everything they’ve learned down to simple concepts that anyone could understand.

Thus, there’s something to be said for hiring someone else to do the contenting for you.  You give this party a general overview of what your firm is all about, the legal topics you want to cover, and what you expect of them.  That way, they can focus on content while you can focus on serving those clients exposed to that content.

Content doesn’t have to be one and done either.  Let’s say you’ve distributed a press release about how you’ve opened your doors to those injured by a certain product.  There’s nothing that says you can’t trod that same ground on your blog, letting readers know about the development.  Similarly, if a case of yours is covered by the local news, that news piece should in turn be covered on your website and referenced across your social accounts.

You don’t always have to be the one responsible for the content.  Look to local news publications about stories of accidents and various matters that typically cause people to come to your firm.  Provide a link to that story and put your own unique take on the sequence of events, relating how it applies to your realm of the law and why this story stood out to you.

Finally, be willing to look to former clients and other brand advocates for content.  Happy former clients can provide a unique perspective that may otherwise go missing in marketing materials.

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