Empathize With Users to Expand Your Firm’s Client Base

A new article offers tips to those marketers looking to improve their conversion rates in regards to their Pay Per Click ad campaigns.  The author offers the insight that marketers must do more than simply offer the same types of services that users have come to expect.  Phrases like “Free shipping” or “10% off” are so prevalent that they might not even be taken into account by users anymore.

Instead, marketers should consider trying to empathize with those persons who might be willing to use a company’s services.  That goes beyond just saying that you understand what a person is going through and want to help, though.  To effectively remain empathetic through paid ads, a marketer has to place themselves in the mindset of a user and try to figure out what that person is looking for, even if he or she doesn’t know the answer themselves.

Marketers should imagine an avatar that can stand in for a segment of the population that could use their company’s services.  For personal injury lawyers, this could for instance be anyone who has recently been injured in an automobile accident.  Imagine what these people are going through and figure out what they want out of a lawyer.  Toward that end, your advertising copy should read something like “Your automobile accident doesn’t have to ruin your life” as opposed to “Free consultations offered!”  You see the difference?  The former speaks to an accident victim’s pain while the latter just advertises goods.

Understand empathy and expand your client base.

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