Establish Loyalty With Your Prospective Client Base

hammer-620008_1280The modern marketing audience tends to be a rather fickle bunch right up until the point when it’s not.  Yes, people have more choices than ever, and at the slightest sign of raised prices or bad customer service, an individual may jump ship to a competitor that isn’t a jerk on the phone or that has cheaper prices than everyone else.  But on the flip side, there are those brands that have done such a wonderful job drumming up good will that you’d be hard pressed to turn their customers away.  These are the Apples, the Starbucks, the McDonald’s of the world.

That’s the kind of position you want your law firm to be in.  You want to be a veritable cultural touchstone, if not throughout the world, then at least in your community.  Although we mentioned some of the biggest brand names on the planet, it’s important to note that the technique works on a smaller scale as well.  Every town and city in America has those businesses, maybe restaurants or local clothing stores, that stand as touchstones within the community.  People identify with these brands because they like eating locally sourced food or buying locally-made clothing.

Today, we’d like to show you how your law firm can secure the loyalty that so often eludes other practices.  But before we do, please check out a new article in the Harvard Business Review.  That piece highlights the increasing importance of loyalty in the modern world, and everyone attempting to market in this day and age must keep the information in mind.  Then, come back here as we describe how to produce a marketing and legal effort that nets you loyal clients from throughout the area.

offer-442904_640Be Loyal To Your Community

If you’re loyal to the community, then you can expect the community to be loyal right back to you. 

Every act of goodwill within your hometown pays off.  Think of it as karma.  When you’re out there contributing to fundraisers, organizing canned food drives, giving legal aid to the poor on a regular basis, and just generally holding yourself up as a pillar of your city, then people you encounter will take note.

This isn’t about visibility, it’s about helping people, and visibility is but a positive side effect.  Your law firm becomes its own brand because you’re known as the practice that puts its money where its mouth is.  In addition to simply advertising to people about how you can help them, you become proactive about assisting them whether they hire you as their attorney or not.

Thus, your traditional marketing efforts will prove far more valuable than those of a law firm that doesn’t take the time to really interact with the people who make up the community.  If your billboard is right next to a competitor, a prospective client is going to give you a call because they know you and maybe even got a recommendation from a friend.  Your television commercials will jog a person’s memory of that time you were front and center as the emcee at a big fundraiser and chili feed for a local charitable organization.

If you want loyalty, then it helps to show a little loyalty to the place you call home.  There’s a reason the companies we mentioned above make such a big deal about things like craftsmanship and giving back to the planet.  You’re exercising this tactic on a smaller but no less important scale, showing you care so that people will care about you.

audio-2202_640Choose Your Voice

One of the big hindrances to a law firm achieving brand loyalty is that their communications wind up being so very, very bland.  People have seen the same messages from law firms time and time again without any kind of linguistic flare or visual panache.  Personal injury lawyers can get you the justice you deserve, divorce attorneys will help negotiate a fair settlement, bankruptcy lawyers will keep you financially viable, and so on and so forth.

All of those statements are okay, but they lack a certain vibrancy.  They say the same things that attorneys have been saying for decades and will probably continue to say for years to come.  People aren’t going to be loyal to mundane calls to action because they can look in any direction and see the same sorts of language wherever they gaze.

You must strive to attach those basic statements to a voice that’s anything but basic.  Rather than just relying on blanket pronouncements that are easy to toss out, do something unique.  Think about who you are as a person and as a lawyer and demonstrate why being that thing is important to clients who come to you for help.

Instead of the personal injury attorney who can get you the justice you deserve, maybe you’re the personal injury lawyer who was himself or herself injured in an accident when you were younger, saw the tough spot it put your family in, and decided to go through law school so that no one else would ever have to go through that again.  Rather than simply being the divorce lawyer who will negotiate a fair settlement, be the divorce lawyer with an unmatched financial background who’s capable of uncovering hidden assets and will make it their duty to cause an inconsiderate spouse to regret their cheating ways.  Be the bankruptcy lawyer with the lengthy track record of clients who are far better off now than they were before they filed for bankruptcy.

These are just examples, but you get the idea.  You leave the most basic of statements behind, and in their place, you showcase your passion and the reason that people should be passionate about hiring you as their attorney.  A person is looking for a reason to hire a lawyer that goes beyond the simplistic reasons that they already know.  They don’t want to be told that you can help; they want to learn why you help, who you are as a person, and why you as an attorney are better than any other lawyer they could pick at random from a phone book.  That’s how you establish loyalty.

Loyalty Is Royalty

If you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to gaining some loyalty within your base of operations.  Trounce the competition by earning the loyalty of your audience.

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