Google Glitch Causes Worry Among Webmasters

I thought I’d bring you news of a Google glitch that has people in the legal marketing community and the marketing world as a whole concerned about the security of their sites.

It’s not immediately evident exactly what caused the incident to occur, but the glitch led to persons who lost their access to Google Webmaster Tools, Analytics, and maybe even more to suddenly have that access restored.  Think of it this way: if your law firm used to use a given marketing agency or employee, but you parted ways for whatever reason, and your firm retained the tools that allow you to run the website, the glitch could potentially re-grant access to that former marketing firm or employee.

The security issues this might present are unfathomable if access went to someone holding a grudge.  A disenfranchised individual suddenly gaining entrance to Webmaster Tools could make it so that the site no longer gets crawled by Google and hence plummets from the search rankings.  The URL could be tweaked to redirect people to a different site entirely.  Numerous settings could be switched to create a headache for whoever is supposed to be operating the website.

Google released a statement saying that the issue has been corrected and that the glitch only affected a small number of accounts.  The company also appears to be looking into ways to prevent such an occurrence in the future. Check out the full story to learn more.

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