Helping Clients In Need Before They Know They’re In Need

lifeguard-495129_1280When do you start helping your clients?  Is it the moment they decide to hire you as their legal representative?  Is it when they contact you for a free consultation?

We would argue that you should be helping your clients long before you can actually call them your clients.  Assistance needs to begin as soon as an individual makes initial contact with your firm.  The moment you start providing them with answers to their legal quandary is the moment that person begins to consider how beneficial it could be to have you in their corner.

When we talk about helping people, we don’t mean helping them seek out a free consultation or helping them by providing your phone number in a commercial.  That helps you get a client, but it doesn’t necessarily help them.  It could be the first step toward the help they need, but it’s really only a springboard to actually getting answers to their questions.

Today, we’re going to show how you can use various aspects of marketing to help people before they ever make the decision to hire you as their attorney.  You must understand that helping someone early on can dramatically increase the chance that an individual will legitimately hire you.

Before we begin, we want you to check out a new article in Entrepreneur.  The author of that report goes into detail on how help is so much better than hype.  That’s a tough adjustment to make, especially when someone has been engaged with traditional marketing outlets for so long, but adjust you must if you hope to acquire the maximum number of new clients.

life-guard-351484_640Search Results That Produce Results

Imagine that someone finds himself or herself in a tough spot and doesn’t know what to do.  They have many questions that will pile up before they’ll ever look into the possibility of getting a lawyer, and that’s where you come in.

A personal injury lawyer must understand that the first thing an individual will seek out is information that will actually help them to avoid filing a lawsuit.  They might head to Google and type in a phrase along the lines of “negotiating with an insurance company.”  That’s because they’ve probably been offered some sum of money that fails to take into account the full totality of what they’ve been put through.  Or maybe they search something like “filing worker’s comp” or “earning money while injured.”  In this case, they’re probably unable to work because of the damage sustained and are trying to figure out how to stay afloat.

You can and should create landing pages dedicated to these types of inquiries, as that’s what’s on a person’s mind before they’re ever going to make the decision to hire a personal injury attorney.

At first, this seems counterintuitive.  After all, who wants to provide potential solutions that don’t necessarily hinge on the person hiring you as their attorney?  What you must understand is that you’re getting them to your website before they ever start their hunt for a lawyer, and that’s what’s truly important.  You’re at the front of their mind ahead of all other attorneys in the area because you were the one who gave them the honest answer before they realized they needed legal help.  And even though you create a landing page offering details on something like filing a worker’s comp claim, it’s not like it’s automatically an easy road for that person just because you alerted them to the same steps they can find on a government website.  It’s your legal expertise that made the real difference, and that’s what’s going to stay with that individual for a long time to come.

life-belt-498453_640Exploring The Extensive Realm of Legal Dilemmas

You know what kind of attorney you are.  You know what it takes to put together a successful personal injury claim, or a favorable divorce settlement, or a great real estate deal or acceptable bankruptcy filing.  But the people coming to you for help don’t know that yet.  In fact, they don’t even know what they don’t know.

That’s where a lot of law firms go wrong.  They take for granted that an individual understands the early steps, the most basic things that have to go into any legal proceeding.  But a majority of people are entering into brand new territory.  It’s territory you frequent on a daily basis, but it’s something they’ve never had to encounter.  It’d be like you coming into contact with an astronaut and seeking out information on how to build a rocket.

Imagine that your legal work is a rocket, you’re the rocket scientist, and you need to explain to someone who knows nothing about space precisely what it takes to get your rocket up to the moon.  You’ll be addressing every building block that eventually leads to a successful resolution, no matter what the problem might be.

A lot of law firms offer a free consultation, but how many actually describe what the free consultation looks like?  It’s a daunting step to call an attorney, even if a consultation costs nothing and comes with no obligation.  Be the one that describes in detail whether the meeting takes place over the phone or in person, what kinds of questions will be asked, what sorts of questions you’ll be willing to answer, and what the next step will be if the person decides to hire you or opts not to hire you.

Think of what other forms of content are going to answer the questions of the typical or even the atypical client prospect.  Talk about the steps you’ll take prior to actually filing a legal claim.  Maybe that means discussing how negotiations with an insurance company might work or what sorts of evidence you’ll compile as you help a person in need.  Or perhaps it means counseling people on what things they ought to do to help you get them a successful divorce settlement.  Maybe it’s providing a summary of assets that will need to be declared or detailing kinds of steps you’ll take to make sure a contract doesn’t open someone up to trouble once signed.

Help! They Need Somebody (And So Do You)

You got into this business to help people.  Successful marketing is all about translating those skills into content that persons in need could benefit from.  Get started today.

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