How Law Firms Can Harness Cyber Monday For Marketing

privacy-policy-510739_1280Black Friday is so yesterday’s news.  Store shelves are picked clean, and people across the country are having second thoughts about all those great deals on toaster ovens that they got in line at noon on Thanksgiving for.  How many toaster ovens does one person need?!

Today is a different type of shopping event:  Cyber Monday.  While Black Friday (and let’s face it, Thursday) were all about big box retailers clearing out inventory, today is all about online outlets stepping up to the plate with their own deals.  Your email inbox has likely been inundated with pitches for irresistible offers, and shipping companies will be kept busy over the following weeks as all those purchases make their way to their final destinations.

But does Cyber Monday have to be the exclusive domain of online retailers?  We say no.  In fact, if your law firm is heavily invested in online marketing, we think that you might be able to use the retail-oriented designation to your own advantage.  Every holiday, and every online event like Cyber Monday, is a potential opportunity waiting to be tapped by legal marketers.  With a little creativity, you should be able to use events like these as springboards to greater exposure and maybe even a few new clients.

Today, we’re going to look at how your firm can utilize Cyber Monday as a means of achieving those goals we just discussed.  When you start to see how marketing can be used to bend such events to your will, you should also be able to use these creative strategies to put holidays to work for you long into the future.

apple-464182_640 (1)Drawing The Audience In

Your first step is getting people to your law firm, and there are a few ways you can accomplish that, the first being email marketing.  Most inboxes around this time of the year are a veritable repository of retailer messages, and honestly, many of those will get ignored, especially as a person receives similar correspondence over and over and over again.

But it’s because these messages are so similar that your law firm stands a chance of having its own message cut through the clutter.  People expect to hear from an online or big box retailer, but they’re not necessarily expecting to see a trusted law firm unfurl a similar message.  Their curiosity could cause them to open the message and begin the journey that could end with that person giving your law firm a call.

Of course, that assumes that you’ve spent an appropriate amount of time compiling an email list in order to woo prospective clients.  At the start, this list should be composed of previous clients and people who have already expressed an interest in your website and legal services.  Those are individuals you can get to either recommend your law firm or be reminded of your capabilities through that email message.

One of the other ways you can expand your email list and your marketing potential as a whole is to use traditional advertising and Pay Per Click marketing.  Basically, you’re trying to please the people who may need a lawyer in the future but aren’t sure about their legal situation just yet.  When you draw those persons to your website, they may not give you a call at that moment, but they should have the ability to sign up to receive future messages.  That’s when you can craft a Cyber Monday message to land back on their radar.

Social media also works wonders for client acquisition.  Similar to email marketing, you’re trying to get people to sign up to follow you.  When you’re able to do that, you expand your reach, opening up a clear distribution channel that goes directly from you to your prospective clients.  On such a channel, a Cyber Monday marketing message has the potential to close the deal with a person who wasn’t initially sure about whether or not they wanted to hire a lawyer.

cms-265125_640It All Comes Down To Content

Until now, we’ve only looked at the potential distribution channels for your Cyber Monday message.  But you also need a pretty great message in order to convert an on-the-fence prospect to a paying client.

For email marketing, your law firm will want to emphasize Cyber Monday in the subject line somehow.  That draws the person in, as they’re thinking, “What’s a law firm doing with a Cyber Monday deal?”  With that task accomplished, you then have to give the viewer something worth their while.

Whereas other companies can get away with offering great deals on retail products, you don’t have a similar stalwart business plan to fall back on.  You can offer two things:  deals on legal services, and information.  The former is a little trickier, as your options are limited.  Sure, if you’re an attorney who charges x amount by the hour upfront, you can talk about prices, but even discussing pricing at that point in the conversion process is enough to scare a lot of people away.  You’re better off offering something like a free consultation or a free hour of advice with a legal professional.  If you can impress someone during that time, they may wind up hiring you.

Information is where you can really make your play for new clients.  When everyone else is offering Cyber Monday deals, a bankruptcy lawyer can offer tips on avoiding financial fraud on dubious retail sites.  A personal injury lawyer could offer tips geared toward protecting yourself from harm in the form of a fraudulent delivery person attempting to gain access to your home.  A divorce lawyer can discuss the importance of closing joint accounts and not making exorbitant purchases that cloud a person’s financial forecast.

This sort of information makes for great headlines on an email campaign, and it really shines on social media.  Again, because people aren’t necessarily expecting such messages, they could be more receptive to following their curiosity and clicking the links in those messages.  You can take advantage of #CyberMonday hashtags to get your law firm into the conversation with those who haven’t necessarily followed you, expanding your reach that much more.

Opportunity Awaits

Cyber Monday is an event that law firms shouldn’t ignore.  Although the clock may be running out on today, it’s never too early to start planning your strategy for next year.

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