Law Firm Press Releases Can Reach Clients And Media Outlets

man-141052_1280One of the most overlooked aspects of Search Engine Optimization also has the potential to be one of the most valuable:  press releases.

With the right mindset, a law firm can use press releases not just to gain visibility within a community but to draw the kinds of links and shout-outs that power a journey straight to the top of the search results.

A new article in the Huffington Post puts this idea into perspective.  The author discusses how crafting the public relations campaign can help drum up links from the sources that actually matter, and he also points out that mentions could become more important in the future even if links don’t result.

Check out that piece, as it lays out precisely why a public relations effort is important in this modern age when everyone seems to get caught up in on-site content rather than the strategies that put that content into the hands of people who actually matter.

Then, come back here, as we’re going to outline how a law firm can optimize its own public relations effort in a manner that aids SEO and the practice as a whole.  Law firms don’t operate like other businesses, and you have to understand some of the idiosyncrasies of your particular field if you want your press release to make the biggest dent with the media and with the search rankings.

goal-374491_640The Goals Are Twofold

Let’s start off simple, by highlighting the kind of content you need at the center of your public relations effort.  If you’re going to be sending press releases to the media, you want the media to actually pay attention to you rather than just pass over the headline in their newsfeeds.

Here’s the dirty little secret of modern press releases:  they’re not just for the media.  A few years ago, a press release was precisely that:  you released a story to the press in the hope that a media organization would run with it and do a story on whatever subject the release covered.  But now there’s this little thing called the internet that you may have heard of.  Because press releases go out almost exclusively via the world wide web, it’s not just media entities that have access to your content.  Anyone who inputs the right keywords can view your press release.

That’s good news for your law firm because it means you can get exposure for your press release even if the media never actually decides to do a story on what you’ve created.  The modern law firm press release really has two primary goals:  to garner publicity in the form of local news coverage and to garner visibility among those persons who input search terms related to the subject.

Your press release thus has to straddle the line between those two goals, serving both of them in equal regard.  You accomplish this with two main types of press release, each of which speak to one of your potential audiences but that can be utilized to reach the other audience as well.

keyboard-498396_640Writing For The Media Without Leaving Out Client Prospects

The first type of press release to pay attention to will be that which seeks to garner coverage in the local media while making room for prospective clients to check it out as well.

For law firms, the best such press releases are those that cover cases that have the potential to impact the local area.  Are you overseeing a case that challenges a law in place within the city you operate out of?  That’s the sort of thing that the media loves to cover, and a well-timed press release can draw ample attention to not just your practice, but to a very noteworthy cause as well.

It’s also a good idea to release a story about cases that you’ve recently seen through to successful completion.  If you’re a personal injury attorney whose client has just achieved a monumental court victory that allows them to attain a higher quality of life and has the potential to alter the dynamic of how future cases are decided, then that’s something the media needs to know about.

These are the types of stories you want to write in order to gain the attention of the media, but as you write them, make sure you pay attention to the SEO implications of each.  In the first example, where you’re challenging a law in the area, you want to make sure that terms like “civil liberties lawyer” and the name of your city or state are contained within the headline, summary, and body of the press release.  In the second example, where you’re addressing a successful case, include the term “personal injury lawyer” plus your city in the same fields so that your name is always associated with that record-breaking case should someone come along to input those terms in a search engine.  And in both instances, make sure that, of course, the name of your firm is readily apparent.

Writing For Clients Without Leaving Out The Media

Then there are those press releases that are ostensibly written for client prospects but that also have a chance of getting you media attention.

For attorneys of all sorts looking to improve their searchability, we recommend tip sheets.  Tip sheets are a great way for attorneys to highlight their knowledge while getting in the types of keywords that matter.  If you’re a divorce attorney, then you know for a fact that people will be searching for tips on getting through a tough separation.  If you can produce that content with a title that reads something like “New Hampshire divorce lawyer serves up seven important child custody tips,” there’s a decent chance that your content will pop up when someone searches that subject.

The really great news about this type of content is that, even though it primarily aids your search engine presence, the media could also choose to run with a story like that.  Consumer interest pieces are popular, and you never know who’s looking for a simple story about divorce financial security or any other subject you might oversee.  All it takes is the right media representative searching at the right time to expand your reach.

I Feel PRetty

Your press releases have the potential to bring you clients and widespread media attention.  Don’t overlook how valuable this tool can be.

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