Legal Marketers Mustn’t Fear Graphic Details

A new article takes a look at the tricky tightrope often walked by marketers attempting to pedal products that are used to handle bodily functions that most members of society aren’t so inclined to discuss publicly.  It would appear that many advertisers are now willing to embrace taboo topics in a bid to get people talking about and purchasing an item.

It got us thinking about the difficulties that law firms, especially personal injury and wrongful death attorneys, have in marketing to potential clients.  In a commercial, you don’t want to turn a client off, but at the same time, it’s important to get across certain vivid details, especially if a viewer has gone through the exact situation being described.

Explaining the dangerous and downright disturbing side effects of a defective drug might not be appealing, but it’s always important to let the client know they are not alone in their difficult situation.  Sometimes, catering to clients simply leaves no room for pleasantries.

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