Online Law Firm Marketing Specialist vs. General SEO Firms

If you are a lawyer looking for online marketing services you must have immediately noticed that the online legal marketing sector is extremely competitive. A simple search shows you hundreds of companies fighting for your business.

As you may know, the company or consultants you choose will make a huge difference in the outcome of your online campaign. Here at LMA we strongly encourage you to find a professional that specializes in SEO for law firms. Here are a few reasons why.

Back link acquisition is vastly different in the legal field than in other business sectors. If the online marketing firm you hire doesn’t specialize dealing with legal professionals, they may not be familiar with the specific link strategies associated with your field. What happens here is an online marketing firm will get you a lot of back links but since they are not relevant it’s really not even helping your site ranking in the search engines.

Online relationships with the legal community are necessary for a successful web strategy. A good law marketing firm may even have these relationships with other law firm seo companies. Now why would one firm have a relationship with another? One of the main reasons is to have access to more resources. Having access to the most, blogs, forums, directories, news sites and other online outlets will make your website have a huge advantage over your competition, especially if they are all law related.

The web marketing company you hire should also be selective of their clients. If a company takes anyone and everyone they will also most likely be promoting another law firm in your area, offering the same service. The downside is obvious, but a law firm marketing company that is selective of their clients and knows the law field will know not to let that “overlap” happen.  Take Legal Marketing Advantage for example; we only choose one attorney per field per major city or area. This allows us to make sure what we do is not counterproductive for our clients.

The above are just a few reasons to make sure the search engine optimization company you hire specializes in the legal field. The fact is online professionals proficient in the law niche are better equipped to get you results.

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