Passion For Content Drives Marketing

Attorneys know everything there’s to know about the law. They help clients by offering their expertise before a judge, and they do it for the love of justice.

hammer-719066_640Passion for doing what’s right is not the only aspect of those dedicating their lives to justice, it’s also what moves readers.

But passion comes in different shapes. And writers responsible for creating content for law firm blogs should keep that in mind.

Extraordinary writing is, after all, what drives online marketing. And unique content that is valuable to readers is what moves the Internet, not quantity.

During an early 2015 interview with Moz’s founder Rand Fishkin, the quality versus quantity subject came up.

To Fishkin, blogging alone does not provide much value in this day and age. Instead, marketing strategists should focus on quality pieces. The marketing firm that puts the client’s success first is smart about content, creating articles that answer the reader’s questions. Search engines value pieces that are unique and functional. If your marketing firm is trying to boost your presence online by tricking search engines, it’s time to find a new partner.

Mobile Search Growth Has Changed Online Marketing

Another important aspect of a successful online marketing strategy is the growth of mobile search.

To Moz’s Rand Fishkin, the fact search traffic is now reported as direct makes it hard for strategists to identify what readers are looking for. Without a keyword referral, it’s impossible to tap into what the public wants.

But that doesn’t scare the professional strategist.

If your law firm is ready to take online marketing serious, choosing a marketing firm that puts quality over quantity is key.

With the growth of mobile search, different requirements are being presented to publishers. As they scramble to understand what that means, strategists must continue to focus on figuring out what the content is meant to achieve.

typewriter-801921_640Because transaction levels are low on mobiles, building relationships with the public is more important. To adjust the content and make it relevant to mobile users is going to be a challange to some online marketing firms.

To experts, the answer lies with content marketing.

Content is what has driven traffic since the beginning of the Internet. Most of the problems we face as online marketeers are also addressed with content. Good, useful content will always grab the attention of the reader, and if your law firm is looking for a way to stay relevant, relying on a dependable content strategist is key.

To many marketers, changing their audience’s behavior is the goal. To those who understand that what the public wants or looks for may change, flexibility is key. Meeting specific demands concerning the field the strategist is creating content for is important, but identifying those demands comes first.

So before you decide to make major strides toward developing a different online marketing strategy, make sure you understand that a winning strategy always puts quality content first.

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