Resolutions Every Law Firm Should Make Come Midnight

black-84715_1280It’s the last day of the year, which means it’s time to formulate your resolutions for 2015.  While everyone else is planning to hit the gym, go on diets, or get eight hours of sleep per night, why don’t you try something a little different this year?  Make this the year your law firm resolves to do more with online marketing.

While other resolutions will falter just a few weeks into the New Year, the marketing resolutions we’re about to suggest could easily be implemented for months and even years to come.  It’s time to let go of those bad habits that hold your practice back, instead embracing the kinds of tactics that have the potential to really put your law firm on the online map.  Consider making the following resolutions this New Year.

Drop The Ad Act

Online marketing, specifically the content marketing aspect of it, should be distinguished from advertising.  Content creation is not ad creation, and that’s something that your law firm should resolve to understand in the coming year.

Keep ads in the ad space and keep content free of the excessive pitches that are common to ads.  Imagine for a second that an individual visits your website to find out more about their potential legal claim.  In that situation, you’ve already partially succeeded because you’ve gotten that person to your site in the first place.  They’re actively interested in what your law firm has to offer, thereby negating the need to advertise to that individual.

Instead, the best way to get your law firm even further into the visitor’s good graces is by offering them an extensive knowledge base.  Your website should be replete with the details they’re looking for in a bid to acquire answers to their own legal dilemma. Leave the bare bones statements of advertisements behind.  In their place, provide specific details.

If an ad for a class action suit revolving around a defective drug simply said that people have been hurt and such persons should give you a call, a page dedicated to the same subject on your website should delve into the details of the class action matter.  It should explore the genesis of the situation from the beginning, highlighting the initial formulation of the drug, the problems with clinical trials, the marketing that made it seem like a miracle cure to those who needed it, the side effects that sprang up with unacceptable regularity, and the actions of the drugmaker who refused to run more tests or take the product off the market.  You then highlight how it’s possible for persons in such a tough situation to acquire compensation via legal help and what that means for an individual.

That’s what content is.  It’s not an advertisement, but rather an exploration of an aspect of the law that a person in need of legal assistance would want to know about.  Drop the ad format in the New Year and you could be quite pleased with how your search ranking improves and how your client conversion numbers increase.

fireworks-532745_640Keep Your Friends Close

This should be the year that you also stop resigning yourself to losing out on clients while on the homestretch.  If a person has visited your website and expressed an initial interest in your legal representation, then you ought to do all you can to hold onto that individual as a client.  With the tools available thanks to online marketing, there’s no excuse for letting someone go.

If someone is highly intrigued by what you have to offer but isn’t quite ready to make the leap to giving your practice a call, you have many options in the current marketplace.  The first is social media.  When someone visits your site and likes what they see, they should have the option to stay in touch with you.  By having Facebook, Twitter, and other social icons on your site, you provide the means of keeping in touch that would otherwise be missing.  You give your visitors the chance to keep you at the forefront of their minds, thereby ensuring you’re who they turn to once they’re ready to make the leap to hiring an attorney.

Of course, that social connection won’t mean much if you don’t have a great social presence.  Whatever platforms you’re attempting to acquire followers on, you must have a steady stream of anecdotes, links, and assorted high-quality posts that show a person they made the right decision.  This guarantees you’ll remain on their radar, with the quality of your social content pushing a person to contact you anew.

The other option you have for retention is Retargeting.  How this works is, when someone visits your site and then leaves, they start to see ads for your law firm everywhere they go online.  They’re reminded of you wherever they look, and when it comes time to pull the trigger on legal representation, they’ll be far more inclined to turn back to you.  This is one of the more valuable forms of marketing currently available.

You don’t want to have someone with a legal dilemma go with some other attorney just because they can’t remember your name.  Make sure you stay in the front of your visitors’ minds for 2015 and long into the future.

businessman-573024_640A Brave New World

While the written word is a fantastic way to convey ideas and concepts to your visitors, it’s certainly not the only way.  There are other formats that could really make an impact with your prospective clients, thereby removing the “prospective” moniker entirely, converting those persons into just plain clients.

Look into the possibility of video this year.  A web marketing video doesn’t have to be over-the-top or have a huge budget attached to it.  It can be a lawyer speaking into a webcam about a legal concept.  That doesn’t take much in terms of production values, but it does appeal to those who prefer to consume information in video form.

Infographics are another great pursuit to indulge in 2015.  By taking a complex subject and distilling it down to a bite-sized, easily comprehensible form, you can woo the persons who might otherwise be turned off by the ins and outs of the legal world.

2015:  The Year Of You

Make the kinds of resolutions that will pay off for your law firm.  Resolve to embrace the best practices of online marketing.

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