Social Media Marketing For Attorneys

Gain Leads Through Social Media

Legal Marketing Advantage can help you fold a social media component in with your marketing.  Many of today’s clients strive for a more meaningful connection with their attorneys, and social media affords the opportunity to keep in contact with current clients as well as bring in new leads.

Our experienced social management team understands the role that instant communication can play in a modern law firm’s client acquisition process.  We have established a strategy that will allow your law firm to harness this relatively young media form to achieve your marketing goals.

Organic Leads

By providing regular links to your website via such well-established platforms as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, your law firm will be able to draw more traffic to the content you’ve created.  Social media also has an important role to play in content curation, as regular references to goings-on in the legal world can inject your law firm into the online conversation.

This communication, when issued by LMA on your behalf on an ongoing basis, allows you to regularly expand your reach and influence to those who are in need of your services.

Better Client Service

Social media provides a unique opportunity for instant interaction between you and your clients.  Responding to inquiries and comments in a prompt manner on social fronts minimizes miscommunications and lag time that can lead to client dissatisfaction.

Paid Posts

In addition to the organic social media management program, Legal Marketing Advantage also harnesses Sponsored Posts, Paid Tweets, and other ad forms to target highly interested parties.  Using keywords and demographic research, your ads will be carefully deployed to gain visibility among those people most likely to convert into future clients.

Put Social Media To Work For Your Firm

Contact Legal Marketing Advantage today if you’re interested in letting our team of experts manage your social media presence.