Showcase Your Passion To Connect To Other Passionate People

Many a report has stated that we are living in a Geek or Nerd Culture.  It’s not surprising, then, that marketers are trying to figure out ways to appeal to the so-called nerd demographic.  While we would never deign to call anyone a nerd, we do admit that there are perhaps certain ways that law firms can appeal to a group that’s passionate about a given subject.  The advice on hand from a new report outlines some strategies that are worth looking into.

The first is that you basically have to exhibit your own credentials in a passionate way before you can expect to connect with others who share those passions or are excited about something else.  As a law firm, this can take the form of content that showcases not just facts about the legal system, but how you feel about developments and why you got into the legal realm in the first place.

So instead of just relating news that affects the legal world, explain where you fall on the issue.  Relate to clients how you feel the decision will impact litigation for years to come.  In your About Us page, website, social media accounts, or elsewhere, find a succinct way to honestly tell folks why you went to law school in the first place.  If they see that you’re truly passionate about what you do, you come across as more of a genuine human being.

It’s that idea of being genuine that really appeals to the so-called nerd demographic.  To that end, you’re beginning to see lots of blogs and things like Tumblr accounts put out by law firms that list not just matters of legal note, but other topics that interest the lawyer.  There are some lawyers out there who aren’t afraid of talking about their comic book, movie, and hobby preferences.  The idea is that you’re letting people see the human being behind the lawyer, and while we don’t think it’s necessarily time for a professional law firm to proclaim themselves as “more of a Marvel fan,” there are ways to showcase your humanity.

On the other hand, you don’t want to worry about the fact that you are, in point of fact, a law firm, and thus can’t reach people properly.  That’s your niche and you should embrace it.  If everything you share is about what you did this weekend or what television shows you’re watching, you might amuse a few people, but it can come at the risk of turning off clients who come to your site for what you’re in business for:  legal representation.  They want a blog updated with matters of legal note, not a firm partner’s analysis of the latest episode of ‘Breaking Bad.’

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