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Establish Loyalty With Your Prospective Client Base

The modern marketing audience tends to be a rather fickle bunch right up until the point when it’s not.  Yes, people have more choices than ever, and at the slightest sign of raised prices or bad customer service, an individual may jump ship to a competitor that isn’t a jerk on the phone or that […]

Let Your Voice Be Heard Through Content Marketing

Is there a facet of marketing that’s simultaneously more important yet more misunderstood than content marketing?  The general consensus, even for those who are just now embracing the idea of investing in online marketing, is that content is important, but figuring out the best way to put forth a strategy proves a little more tricky. […]

The Future Of Marketing Is Within Sight Today

Last month was all about people providing their predictions for marketing and SEO in 2015 and offering tips on putting forth a successful strategy for the same.  But now that the excitement of the New Year has worn off, you’re not seeing much about the year to come. One new article in Search Engine Land […]

A Content Marketing Plan For Every Type Of Attorney

Holdouts to content marketing are now few are far between.  The strategy is one of the most valuable on the web.  It allows a law firm to demonstrate its legal prowess directly to clients as well as those persons who could act as influencers for those clients.  It provides the opportunity to rank for certain […]

What Every Law Firm Landing Page Needs

You have one chance to make a good first impression.  When someone is introduced to your law firm, what they see on that initial look will play a key determination in whether or not they ultimately decide to hire you as their legal representative.  Sure, they may peruse your website for awhile and scan the […]

Resolutions Every Law Firm Should Make Come Midnight

It’s the last day of the year, which means it’s time to formulate your resolutions for 2015.  While everyone else is planning to hit the gym, go on diets, or get eight hours of sleep per night, why don’t you try something a little different this year?  Make this the year your law firm resolves […]

Convert Clients With Tactics That Won’t Subvert Clients

Yesterday, we talked about how important it is to gear your marketing messages toward fragments of the audience rather than try to please everyone in one go.  When you try to craft a message that pleases everyone, you end up leaving everybody unfulfilled, whereas when you create numerous messages all designed to please much smaller […]

Online Marketing Has Eclipsed Traditional: Are You Ready?

It’s the end of television as we know it! Okay, maybe that’s not completely true, but if you look around the modern landscape, you can’t help but notice that media consumption has become more fragmented than ever.  While they’re at the breakfast table before work, a person is just as likely to surf the web […]

A Law Firm Website Is Step One In Your Digital Journey

To say you want to engage in digital marketing and just leave it at that fails to take into account the full totality of what digital marketing actually means.  It’d be like going to a restaurant and saying you want to order a cow rather than ask for a burger or a steak or a […]

Pull Clients Into Your Law Firm’s Orbit

There’s a crucial difference between online marketing and traditional marketing.  The best way to think about the two channels is as a push-pull dynamic.  With most online marketing, you’re using a message as a means of pulling an individual toward you, whereas with traditional marketing, you have to push your message out to reach a […]