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Establish Loyalty With Your Prospective Client Base

The modern marketing audience tends to be a rather fickle bunch right up until the point when it’s not.  Yes, people have more choices than ever, and at the slightest sign of raised prices or bad customer service, an individual may jump ship to a competitor that isn’t a jerk on the phone or that […]

Helping Clients In Need Before They Know They’re In Need

When do you start helping your clients?  Is it the moment they decide to hire you as their legal representative?  Is it when they contact you for a free consultation? We would argue that you should be helping your clients long before you can actually call them your clients.  Assistance needs to begin as soon […]

As Marketing Evolves, So Must Your Law Firm

The world of law firm marketing and Search Engine Optimization today does not look the same as it did even a couple years ago.  The times are always changing, even if we don’t necessarily recognize those changes while they’re happening.  Although the shifts that occur are certainly gradual, by the time a few years have […]

Craft The Perfect Brand For Your Law Firm

There’s one aspect of marketing that a number of lawyers neglect, which is unfortunate given how important it is.  We’re not talking about content marketing, or SEO, or social media, or PPC, but something that’s a little harder to define:  branding. Think of a successful company, maybe one that advertised during the game last night.  […]

What Every Law Firm Landing Page Needs

You have one chance to make a good first impression.  When someone is introduced to your law firm, what they see on that initial look will play a key determination in whether or not they ultimately decide to hire you as their legal representative.  Sure, they may peruse your website for awhile and scan the […]

Press Release Formats That Can Benefit Your Law Firm

If you want to garner media attention for your law firm, then you could shoot an email over to a local news desk or maybe even a reporter with whom you’re familiar.  But that’s just one news organization.  It’d be great to get a single story, and such a thing can certainly bring you notoriety, […]

Don’t Slip During Your Content Marketing Journey

When a law firm embraces content marketing, they set themselves up to make the long trek necessary to reach the top of the search results.  If you put in the hard work, you’ll be rewarded with the kind of placement that can bring clients to your doorstep in droves. That said, the content marketing journey […]

Go Where The Audience Goes

One of the biggest mistakes that a law firm content marketer can make is attempting to dictate where the audience should congregate.  You might have the best Twitter feed among all law firms in your area, but if the nature of your practice is such that your potential clients aren’t on Twitter, then it does […]

Neighbors Make The Best Marketing Recipients

When you market your law firm, you’re targeting your message toward those individuals who are most likely to need a lawyer like you.  And it should go without saying that a healthy chunk of those persons reside within a fairly close proximity to your practice. That’s why local marketing is so important.  Sure, if you […]

Adjust Legal Marketing To Suit Social Media

Social media is the brave new world that law firms must venture into if they’re going to achieve the utmost success in the coming years.  Traditional media is great for advertising to a wide audience, and internet marketing is certainly no slouch for converting individuals into paying clients, but social media is where you can […]