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Passion For Content Drives Marketing

Attorneys know everything there’s to know about the law. They help clients by offering their expertise before a judge, and they do it for the love of justice. Passion for doing what’s right is not the only aspect of those dedicating their lives to justice, it’s also what moves readers. But passion comes in different […]

Use Content To Send Your Firm Into The Stratosphere

We often talk about the importance of creating awesome content that your prospective clients could truly benefit from, but perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves when we do that.  If creating great content were easy, then everyone would do it.  But saying all you have to do to acquire new clients is produce fantastic content […]

This Valentine’s Day, Express Some Love For Online Marketing

It’s the time of the year when love is in the air.  Chocolates and roses of all kinds line the store shelves, reservations have been booked, and in a few days, couples everywhere will walk hand in hand for a romantic evening on the town. But there’s another type of love that we want you […]

Use Retargeting To Never Lose A Client Again

Imagine for a second that you’re a retailer.  This being the Christmas season, there are people coming through your doors in droves to check out what kinds of items you have for sale.  But rather than actually buying the things they see on your shelves, your patrons pick them up, examine them closely, then put […]

There’s No Place Like Hometown Marketing

The easiest clients to get are the ones who are right down the street.  Imagine that there’s a circle around your law firm, and the circumference of that circle is one mile around with your practice at the very center.  These people are the best client acquisition targets for a law firm. Now start pushing […]

All Marketing Tactics Orbit Around Your Website

It used to be that the extent of a law firm’s online marketing strategy consisted of building a website and waiting for the calls and emails from clients to come pouring in.  But that time has past, quite a while ago in fact.  The website is the very first step in an online marketing endeavor, […]

Don’t Just Advertise To Clients; Engage Them

In the past, the only attorneys who dealt with engagement were those tasked with drafting a prenup for couples that have just agreed to tie the knot.  But when it comes to marketing, engagement is precisely what you need if you’re going to experience any degree of success in the current marketplace. The idea of […]

Avoiding The Crises That Can Trap Your Legal Marketing

Lawyers have to tackle some pretty sensitive topics.  It’s in the nature of the job that people only have a run-in with a lawyer when they’re going through some of the toughest situations of their lives.  They’ve sustained a life-altering injury, they’ve lost a loved one, they’re going through a contentious divorce, they’ve been accused […]

The New Year Is A Time For Betterment Rather Than Change

It’s that time again, when just about everyone starts making their predictions for what marketing will look like next year.  You’ll see such lists a lot over the next couple of months, and it doesn’t hurt to take a look at them so that you can gauge what future trends will be and where your […]

Law Firm Press Releases Can Reach Clients And Media Outlets

One of the most overlooked aspects of Search Engine Optimization also has the potential to be one of the most valuable:  press releases. With the right mindset, a law firm can use press releases not just to gain visibility within a community but to draw the kinds of links and shout-outs that power a journey […]