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Ensure Legal Credibility When Your Firm Heads Online

We came across a new article featured in Marketing Profs that got us thinking a lot about credibility.  The author of that report comes at the subject from the point of view of how content marketers can ensure that they maintain said credibility as they go about their duties.  As such, it provides some valuable […]

Content: The Final Piece Of The Marketing Puzzle

Content marketing is the engine that drives just about every other facet of your marketing.  Do you have a traditional ad campaign using television commercials and billboards?  People who see those ads will go to your website, but if you don’t have great content available, they’ll go elsewhere.  Are you hoping to rank organically for […]

Get Better At Measuring Your Client Conversions

In a perfect world, the internet should make judging your successes much easier than doing the same with traditional advertising.  If you put together an offline ad campaign, you have to wait by the phone to see how well everything is paying off, and you’re always trying to figure out if the people who contact […]

Answering The Content Marketing Call

Yesterday, we talked about what can go wrong if a law firm insists upon taking what works on traditional advertising channels and foisting those strategies onto online content marketing.  Content marketing is a different beast entirely, and it has to be treated as such. There are truths about the discipline that we’ve come to learn […]

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Yesterday was Labor Day, which means that a large portion of the country got to enjoy a three day weekend.  Unfortunately, when it comes to marketing your law firm, there really isn’t time to take a break. You always have to work to ensure that your firm is landing on the radar of clients, and […]

Word To Your Lawyer

From the time you entered law school, you’ve had to learn an array of legal terms, most of them sounding like a combination of Latin or a curse that would be wielded by a character from a Harry Potter book.  While you may have had these terms and their meaning drilled into your brain, the […]

Reel In Clients You Thought Were Lost

You’ve done the hard work.  You advertised on every possible medium, you made your pitch with content marketing, and you placed a consultation form front and center on your law firm’s website.  Still, despite your best efforts, the prospect who has taken every step of this journey retreats from your website at the last possible […]

Why Law Firms Need A Dedicated Outside Marketing Team

If your law firm has a serious plumbing mishap, water everywhere, soaking through the floorboards, ruining everything in sight, then you would call a plumber, probably one of the best you can find in the area.  What you probably wouldn’t do is pick out the intern or the most junior member of your staff and […]

Bring Your Law Firm’s Marketing Into The 21st Century

Yesterday, we addressed the importance of never growing so comfortable with your stature in the legal community that you let your marketing efforts slacken.  But that’s not the only type of comfort that can prove dangerous to your practice.  You also can’t grow so comfortable in your marketing techniques that you’re unwilling to try new […]

Content Marketing Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

Your legal SEO effort will hinge on how successful you can be with content marketing.  Anyone can put a few keywords into the necessary fields on a website, but far fewer can do the same in a way that ensures a reader will still be impressed by what they see. What we’ve found is that […]