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The Best Things In Online Marketing Life Aren’t Always Free

There’s one big positive about marketing in the digital age that the traditional method of advertising will never be able to touch, and that’s the cost.  While it’s going to take a little money to buy a domain and start a website, it takes nothing to actually put content on that website.  You create it […]

Interjecting Your Law Firm Into The Online Conversation

Media habits have changed, and as a result, hiring a lawyer has changed.  There was a time when the best way for a personal injury attorney to land on the radar of clients was to advertise their law firm during daytime television.  The thinking goes like this:  persons who are injured are sitting at home […]

The Never-Ending Battle Between SEO and PPC

Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization.  For too many people, it’s a “one or the other” type of proposition.  We’ve stressed again and again how it doesn’t have to be like that.  The two strategies are at their best when they’re occurring at the same time, feeding off of each other to the betterment […]

Let PPC Be Your Rock When SEO Proves Fickle

While we would be some of the first to talk up the remarkable power of Search Engine Optimization, we understand that it’s easy to get frustrated with the marketing tactic.  One day you’re flying high, enjoying a ranking at the top of the search results, the next day five competitors have passed you by.  Plus, […]

SEO And PPC: When Opposites Attract

In a perfect world, a law firm would be able to make it to the top of a search engine by doing nothing more than executing successful legal representation on behalf of clients.  Ideally, search engines would act as a merit system that rewarded those businesses that do the best job for their customers and […]

Survey Hints At Where To Spend Your PPC Resources

Where are you investing your marketing dollars in the next year?  If you plan on delving into the world of Pay Per Click marketing for the first time, you’ll find that there are a lot of options at your disposal.  There are numerous outlets with which to drum up business for your firm, and each […]

Create Pages That Draw SEO And PPC Traffic

There are two schools of thought when it comes to bringing clients in to a law firm:  you can either go the PPC route or the SEO route.  With a Pay Per Click campaign, you’re paying for your ads to be featured in the search results when a client enters in a set of keywords […]

FTC Says Ads Should Be Ads And Listed As Such

Have you ever entered a search query, only to end up clicking on an ad when you thought you were clicking on an organic search result?  If so, you’re likely not alone.  Although search engines typically issue some sort of disclosure as to the presence of an ad versus a regular listing, these disclosures aren’t […]

Consider a PPC Campaign When SEO Won’t Suffice

Search Engine Optimization can prove tricky for certain keywords.  After all, ranking for a term as broad as Michigan Attorney is no easy task.  Lawyers might thus find themselves having more success if they supplement organic rank building with a Pay Per Click Campaign in order to guarantee they’ll be seen by those in need […]

A Reconsideration of Bing Ads

For many marketers, Google AdWords is the only game in town.  But as a new report shows us, there is value to be mined from embarking on a Bing Ads campaign. As the author explains, the folks behind Bing Ads first attempted to craft a system that was quite different from AdWords.  However, that proved […]