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Passion For Content Drives Marketing

Attorneys know everything there’s to know about the law. They help clients by offering their expertise before a judge, and they do it for the love of justice. Passion for doing what’s right is not the only aspect of those dedicating their lives to justice, it’s also what moves readers. But passion comes in different […]

Broaden The Horizons Of Your Law Firm SEO

If you’re a copywriter, you write copy.  When you’re an athlete, you play the sport you’re good at.  When you’re a window cleaner, you clean windows. But when you’re a Search Engine Optimization expert?  Your functions aren’t quite as clear-cut.  The other jobs described above have obvious duties that are pretty much contained within the […]

Great Links Are Within Reach

Links are what will power your law firm’s trek to the top of a search engine, but the wrong kinds of links will banish you to the bottom.  Imagine that your journey is like climbing a mountain.  If you want to reach the top, you ought to go with name brand climbing equipment from companies […]

Give A Thumbs-Up To Adaptable SEO

Search Engine Optimization can stymie even the most savvy legal marketers.  This is due to the fact that SEO does not behave like other forms of marketing.  It takes a completely different set of skills in order to succeed, and there’s always the chance that, without warning, Google will change the rules of the game, […]

Use SEO To Bring Interested Clients All The Way Home

Ideally, you want people to come to your law firm’s website directly.  When that happens, you don’t have to fuss with things like Pay Per Click advertising, content marketing, social media, and the always messy Search Engine Optimization. The thing is, people aren’t always going to come directly to your website, not even if they […]

Law Firm SEO Doesn’t Have To Be Dangerous

Law firms typically fall into one of two camps when they come to Legal Marketing Advantage to inquire about Search Engine Optimization.  The first camp consists of practices that haven’t yet had experience with SEO and want to change things for the better.  The second camp consists of firms that got burned by a bad […]

Why Your #1 Ranking Might Not Be Getting You Clients

It’s a good problem to have, but it’s a problem nonetheless:  your Search Engine Optimization efforts are going fairly well, but people aren’t actually contacting you as a result of that SEO success. You would think that, if you acquire the #1 search result for a term like “St. Louis product liability attorney,” there would […]

Unlock The Power Of Links

Oh links.  It seems like we were only just getting to know you and now various corners of the internet are going so far as to proclaim your demise. But how true are such sentiments?  Are links really going the way of the dinosaurs for Search Engine Optimization?  Not exactly.  It’s true that their role […]

Complacency Can Doom A Law Firm’s SEO

A law firm that’s perched on the first page of the search results for important keywords isn’t going to get a lot of sympathy.  After all, such placement should ensure a steady stream of clients for as long as it holds its position.  The problem is that no #1 spot can ever be assured for […]

A Law Firm’s Keyword Strategy Must Change With The Times

Keywords can make or break your law firm’s Search Engine Optimization effort, but maybe not in the ways you might be thinking.  It’s not a race to have more iterations of “personal injury lawyer” on your website than every other personal injury lawyer you’re competing with in a geographic area.  Instead, it’s about surrounding the […]