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Turning An SEO Negative Into A Positive

As Google has gotten better at rooting out unsavory SEO tactics, those purveyors of all things black hat have gotten more desperate.  The truth is, black hat tactics have never been more stark nor more ineffective.  One problem with trying to game the search results is that it takes more effort than ever, effort that […]

Boost Your Image To Boost Your Client Base

It pays to look good.  And we’re not talking about some superficial aesthetic reasons for your law firm looking good; we’re talking about all the good that can be done in the community that in turn causes clients to think more positively about you.  Lawyers often receive an unfair representation in the media, and the […]

Deducing When A New Website Is In Order

Sometimes, despite all the good intentions and the best efforts put forth by webmasters, a penalization may occur.  The reason could be confounding, especially if you think that you were doing whatever you could to stay within the bounds of white hat SEO.  But no matter what brought you to the juncture, the immediate reaction […]

Taking An Honest SEO Evaluation of Your Site

There may come a time when your law firm wants to know if all of its various internet marketing and legal SEO endeavors are paying off.  At that point, you’ll need to conduct a site audit that takes numerous things into consideration.  If your firm is thinking about such an audit, then a new report […]

Get More Out of Your Legal SEO Endeavors

A new report looks at the ways that companies can enact higher quality Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, its all-encompassing big brother, efforts in the modern day.  Putting some of the advice into action will be critical for law firms hoping to get found by clients in need of legal representation. The author […]

Three Forms of Media Law Firms Must Harness For SEO

An author has posited that successful Search Engine Optimization will basically hinge on an organization’s ability to operate within three different sets of media: owned, paid, and earned.  In her report, the author explores each of these topics in detail, arguing that a truly successful marketing and SEO effort has to integrate each into a […]

Faulty Thinking That Can Harm Legal SEO From The Get-Go

As many articles are wont to do, a new report finds an author attempting to debunk what he views as some of the biggest misconceptions of the modern SEO game.  Law firms that fall into any of the perceived traps may have to do some fine-tuning in order to operate to the fullest extent of […]

Building A Smarter Legal SEO Strategy

SEO, while being perhaps the key way law firms can be found by clients in the modern world, is far from an exact science.  What works for one firm might not work for another.  A site might be ranked number one on a Tuesday and cast to the dregs of the search results on a […]

Drawing Insights Out of Video Marketing

Television commercials still pay plenty of dividends for law firms.  Many people still rely on these traditional advertisements when choosing a lawyer.  After all, there’s a certain amount of trust that comes along with television advertising, as many clients will perceive a sense of legitimacy just by virtue of being viewed on the format. But […]

Improving Content And The Means Of Finding That Content

Are you happy with the content found across your site and other web portals?  If not, then a serious facelift might be in order.  Numerous Google updates have made it so that content is the key factor taken into consideration when ranking websites based off of search queries.  And although a new report focuses on […]