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loudspeakers-112413_1280You did it!  After months, maybe even years of negotiations, evidence collection, legal wrangling, and arguments heard in front of a judge and jury in a courtroom, the monumental case your firm was instrumental in putting forth has finally drawn to a close. And you won!  The opposition’s claims just didn’t carry water, and you were able to gain your client what they were rightfully due, perhaps a massive jury award for injuries they sustained in some sort of accident.

Now that the hard work is over, your next job begins:  telling the world about what you were able to accomplish.  After all, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?  Well, that same principle applies to marketing the successes of your law firm.  You might be the most qualified, successful practice in the state, but if persons don’t learn of your accomplishments, it will be as if they never existed.

In the internet age, there’s no excuse for not spreading word of your legal success far and wide.  You have a wide array of channels at your disposal for using current cases to stake your claim for future cases.  The trick is figuring out what kinds of messages suit what formats, learning how to adopt a tone of voice that matches both what you’re trying to get across and the medium itself.

Today, we’ll show you how to properly spread word of a legal victory.  In doing, you may just find that clients continue to seek your expertise on a wide variety of subjects that have previously earned you accolades.

boxing-555735_640Master Of Your Domain

The first and most obvious place to leave word of what you were able to do for clients is on your website itself.  There are a variety of different places where you can highlight such information.

Perhaps the most important spot to relate these details will be on a page dedicated to exploring your case history.  Such a page works great for converting clients, as it gives visitors a ready-made list of all the previous cases you’ve gotten favorable results for.  When a person is able to see quick summations of your multiple successes, they’ll automatically get in the mindset of thinking that you may be able to get similar results for them.

From this page, you might even include links where you explore in greater detail each specific case, creating a sort of landing page for that particular legal situation.  This can act as a receiving area for prospective clients as well as any journalists who may want to do a story on the case you oversaw.  You can include a link on your homepage for a couple weeks to a month or so that directs visitors to your latest victory, as they may be seeking your website out specifically for information about that case.

You also want to make mention on your blog of what you were able to achieve.  With just a couple hundred words, you can hit upon the most crucial details of the case and the strategies you enacted in order to ensure that things turned out a success.  And finally, if the case itself related to an over-arching practice area, you could potentially include a link from the page for that practice area.  For instance, if the case involved a jury decision related to damages sustained during a motorcycle accident, you could include a link from the landing page dedicated to motorcycle accident law.

Spreading Word Of Your Featschess-400283_1280

Of course, you also don’t want to just sit back and wait for people to check out the results on your website.  Regardless of how newsworthy the topic is, you’ll never reach the audience you want unless you become more proactive about announcing your news to the world.

This is where being able to contact the media comes in handy.  The first step will be composing a press release and distributing it through a service like PRWeb or some similar newswire.  Just like you did on your landing page, you can hit upon the salient points of the case and explain how you were able to use your astute legal mind to produce positive results.  Unlike a landing page, you must make sure to include quotes from firm partners or the pertinent lawyers involved (so that newspapers can run with those if they so choose), a link to your website, and a footer that provides a little bit of background information on your law firm.

In this way, you can drum up substantial media attention without engaging in a crazy amount of work.  But things don’t just end there.  You should also be cultivating contacts in the media by getting a little more hands-on with your outreach.

Rather than rely on a press release exclusively, send emails or place a few phone calls to persons involved with the local news scene.  This gives things a more personal touch that can sometimes go missing with the shotgun approach a press release allows for.  If you can actually have a short conversation with a member of the media, you may find that coverage is favorable and gets you beneficial links and visibility.  When people see a story done about you, whether it’s in a newspaper or on a local television station, they’ll seek out your law firm to learn more.

A Social Butterfly

The other place where it behooves you to talk about your recent legal accomplishments is on social media.  By taking to Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites to provide word of what you’ve done, you showcase your abilities and give your audience a reason to check out your website in greater detail.

Be careful with this strategy though.  Alerting people to your accomplishments every once in awhile is acceptable, but it does you no good to turn your social feed into an endless barrage of what you’ve done on behalf of clients.  Occasional pats on the back work great, but constant announcements about your abilities can prove grating and wind up turning people away from your entire social presence.

Make Visibility Happen

It’s up to you to increase your visibility in accordance with your success.  Take the time to announce to the world just how valuable hiring you as a legal representative can be.

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