The Holidays Arrive Early For Law Firm Marketers

christmas-bauble-15738_1280Fa la la:  the Christmas season has already started in earnest, with the starter gun going off well before Black Friday even arrives.  If you’ve recently taken a stroll through your local mall, you know that Christmas marketing strategies are already in full effect.  In fact, a lot of businesses didn’t even wait until Halloween was over to start rolling out the decorations and the deals for customers.

With the holidays’ continued encroachment into the earlier parts of the calendar, every kind of business out there must anticipate the season and figure out how they’re going to optimize their own marketing endeavors over the coming month and change.  While Christmas may still be weeks away, those are weeks that your law firm could spend wooing prospective clients.

A new article featured in Small Business Trends highlights the ways that any business can go about conducting an SEO campaign that utilizes the holidays as a springboard for better business.  While geared toward the world of e-commerce, many of the takeaways from that report would be worthwhile for law firms to understand as well.

Check out that piece, and then come back here, as we’d like to delve into the ways that your law firm can put the holiday season to work for your practice.  Tis the season to acquire new clients, after all.

christmas-210289_640Procrastination Hurts The Nation

One of the points that really caught our eye at the link above is that you shouldn’t wait to start producing content that will draw in holiday business.  The longer you wait, the less time you have to really get the most out of that content.

Think about it like going shopping for the holiday season.  You ease your stress levels dramatically when you purchase gifts for your friends and family throughout the year, or at least throughout the fall.  If you space things out, your money seems to go further and you don’t have to make any frantic, last-minute trips to the mall.  When you wait until Christmas Eve, your gift ideas dwindle and your loved ones end up with the very toaster they gave you last year at a gift exchange.

There is literally no drawback to starting your holiday content marketing effort early.  If you begin crafting holiday-related messages now, they’ll still be there for those persons who visit your law firm’s website on December 24th.  But if you wait until the week before Christmas, those messages most certainly will not be available now.

Use the holidays as a bridge to more and better content by drawing them into your blog or landing pages or personal injury tip sheets.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this is the perfect time to offer tips on preventing foodborne illness around the dinner table or preventing injuries during Black Friday shopping.  As the season progresses, you can offer tips revolving around any number of subjects related to the holiday.  Talk about how you can prevent premises liability lawsuits by keeping your driveway clear of snow, how you can protect kids from the threat of dangerous toys, or how you can reduce fire hazards related to lights and dried-out Christmas trees.

It’s not just the personal injury realm where this applies.  If you’re a family law attorney, you can discuss how the holidays can make custody arrangements difficult and offer tips on creating custody arrangements and coping with the stress that the holidays can create.  If you’re a bankruptcy lawyer, blog about how you might navigate the tricky process of dealing with the expenses created by the holidays.  No matter what kind of attorney you are, you should be able to come up with something worthwhile to show people that your practice is in the holiday spirit.

celebration-19545_640Aesthetics That Aren’t Pathetic

This is the time of the year when your law firm is allowed to get a little more festive.  While most of the year could find your web domain ensconced within colors and fonts that convey authority and legal knowhow, you can now get away with dressing those aesthetics up with wreaths and twinkly lights and reds and greens.

You want to be tasteful about this, as you don’t want a page discussing wrongful death lawsuits to feature a photo of a firm partner with a Santa hat and a glass of eggnog held out to the reader.  You have to pick and choose your battles, knowing when it helps to be a little more sensitive to the tough spot a client prospect might be in.  But with a little selectiveness, you could inject some holiday mirth into the various pages throughout your web domain.

A Cornucopia Of Holiday Marketing Tactics

Your website and the visuals and content found therein are only the beginning of your holiday marketing efforts.  With a little creativity, you can use the holidays to draw in clients in ways that other law firms haven’t yet tapped into.

Traditional ads can use the holidays to bring in all manner of clients.  A person is used to seeing the standard law firm commercial asking injured parties to call, but they’re not as used to hearing jingle bells and a law firm partner asking the viewer to call if they’ve suffered a holiday-related injury: “Did you slip and fall because a local business didn’t clear the snow?  Did a recalled toy injure your child?  The holidays should be a time of joy, not pain, and our law firm wants to help you get the compensation you deserve.”

That’s the kind of call to action that can get an individual to take notice of a law firm that they may have previously overlooked.  You can apply the same forethought to social media.  Holiday topics are certainly going to be trending over the coming weeks, so inject your law firm into those conversations.  Tweet about the importance of being safe while hanging holiday lights on the roof.  Create holiday-related hashtags.  That could mean a series of Tweets or Instagram posts surrounding #BlackFridayPersonalInjury.  That kind of thing could take off on social media, and your law firm would benefit.

Don’t Delay; Holiday!

The path to successful holiday marketing is right in front of you.  Don’t wait weeks to take the first step.

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