The New Year Is A Time For Betterment Rather Than Change

new-years-eve-419862_640It’s that time again, when just about everyone starts making their predictions for what marketing will look like next year.  You’ll see such lists a lot over the next couple of months, and it doesn’t hurt to take a look at them so that you can gauge what future trends will be and where your law firm stands.

One thing you must realize is that internet marketing has slowly settled into somewhat of a holding pattern.  Sure, Google is still tweaking its algorithms to influence the search results, but there has been less hubbub over the last few updates due to the simple fact that there aren’t nearly as many people trying to game the SEO system as there once were.  And yeah, social media and the internet as a whole continue to grow as powerful marketing tools, but this has been the case for a number of years, and any business not hip to that is tragically behind the times.

We provide this introduction so that you’re in the right frame of mind for these end-of-year lists.  Many of them will belabor the same points that have been hit upon for the past couple years, so while there are certainly going to be a few changes to the landscape over the coming months, realize that for the most part, marketing has fallen into a groove.  You want to be a part of that groove so that your law firm acquires loads of new clients.

That’s not to say there’s no value in predictions.  They can actually be quite valuable, especially if you’ve been holding out on some of these marketing trends for fear that they’re just passing fads.  Take a new article featured in Forbes for example.  While some of the predictions he’s put together speak to things that are already ongoing in the marketing world, the fact that he backs his predictions with compiled quotes from marketing experts lends credence to what he’s saying.

Whether these insights are new to you or yesterday’s news, they’re still worth knowing.  We’re going to show you how your law firm can continue to have success with present and future tactics.  Exercise these now so that you’ll be ready for any monumental shifts that do take place.

fire-91504_1280Never Be Content With Your Current Content

It shouldn’t be a shock to hear that content marketing will continue to be huge in the current environment.  The discipline has proven to be one of the few tactics that’s still hugely successful for those who are willing to invest the necessary resources into the endeavor.

What’s going to change is what kind of content provides value to the creator.  A few years ago, you could slap just about anything together and pay to have a few links pointed back at it in order to achieve a high search ranking.  But the times have changed.  Google has become increasingly strict about the kind of content it deems valuable, and with so many other businesses jockeying for position, you have to do something more to separate yourself from the herd.

The answer is to always strive to produce better content than everyone else.  Don’t be  just another attorney describing the same legal situation that a person can find in dozens of places with a simple search query.

Take, for example, the hundreds of websites that spring up whenever there’s a new class action lawsuit.  If a drug is at the center of controversy due to a severe side effect it creates, suddenly websites dedicated to the topic pop up on every corner of the internet.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with producing such a website.  After all, you want some means of reaching persons who have been negatively impacted by that drug.  But because you know that everyone and their mother has the same idea, you need to be willing to get more creative with your content, adding more value to what you do so that you can stand out from your competitors.

Focus on producing the best resource you possibly can.  Don’t just drop the same facts that everyone else did.  Outline the situation from its genesis all the way to the present day, always making sure to relate the impact that negligence or irresponsibility eventually wound up having on injured parties.

Don’t neglect an FAQ page in this situation or really any legal quandary.  People who find themselves thrust into the center of a complex legal topic have a lot of questions, and you want to answer things in a way that sets you up as an expert while simultaneously showing that you relate to the reader’s plight.

The game is the same, but the requirements for playing have grown steeper.  It’s time to graduate from the amateurs to the major leagues.

team-472488_640Bringing It All Together

Another thing the author talks about that has been going on for awhile but that will continue to evolve in 2015 and beyond is the unification of marketing.

Basically, nothing exists in a vacuum anymore.  That website you put together discussing the class action lawsuit involving a defective drug?  That’s the first piece in a puzzle whose reach is only limited by your own ambition.

Let that single website be the center of your internet marketing universe.  Link to it on a plethora of social media accounts.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  Acquire followers and then give them a reason to learn more about your law firm.  When you’re done doing that, use the paid options afforded by social channels to target other people who you feel are most likely to need your legal assistance.

That’s just the beginning.  Issue a press release announcing that your law firm is opening its doors to people injured by the drug.  Blog once a week about the latest information to come out in regard to the case.

Don’t be afraid to go away from the internet to drum up even more visibility.  If you advertise on traditional local channels, then use those ads to funnel people to the defective drug website you’ve set up.  Reach out to a local media person with an offer to provide your expert take on the matter.  Do whatever you can to connect your every tactic to that central resource you put together.

Making Change

2015 is coming, but your preparation must begin right now.  Do so by doubling down on the quality of things that have already brought you success.

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