The Truth Will Set Your Marketing Free

If you’re intent on making a dent on the legal space through your law firm’s marketing, then there are certain universal truths that should be understood from the outset.  That way, you’re setting yourself up for longterm success and you won’t need to go back and make substantial alterations while all your competitors are basking in that new client-glow.  A new report reveals some of these marketing truths, and we’d like to relate how lawyers can benefit from them.

Your law firm should understand the idea that brands tend to have the most success.  Now, if your law firm has been a pillar of the community and the legal realm as a whole for 50 years, then you’re in good position.  If your firm was just formed, this could be problematic.

It doesn’t have to be a problem, though, so long as you make a concerted effort to develop your brand.  Just because you don’t have a brand yet doesn’t mean you can’t have one tomorrow.  Figure out what it is you do better than others.  Be the Compassionate Lawyer, the Loyal Lawyer, the Underdog lawyer.  Trademark that phrase and make it a cornerstone of your every marketing message.  Fit it into your logo.  Put it on your business card.  Doing this develops your reputation and helps clients remember your name in an era where competition is stiffer than ever.

The report also notes that understanding people will be a vital part of any marketing strategy.  You can’t hope to appeal to potential clients if you don’t know how such persons think or what they’re looking for in a lawyer.

Personal injury lawyers, for instance, have to realize how people who have been through a tough injury situation are feeling.  They’re reeling from a car accident or slip and fall or whatever else landed them in the hospital, forcing them to miss months of work.  A lot of the time, they feel partly responsible for what happened even if some other party was at fault.  They just want to get back on their feet and back to work quickly so they can help their family.

Notice how nowhere in the preceding paragraph did we mention that they’re looking for a quick buck.  Therefore, it’s in a lawyer’s best interest not to seem overly predatory in marketing.  You want to be firm in your resolve to help an injured person receive proper compensation in court, but the ultimate goal should always be framed as assistance to a person’s wellbeing and that of their family.  Let the client be the hero in their own story.

For more truths in marketing that law firms should be primed to understand, click the link up above.

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