This Valentine’s Day, Express Some Love For Online Marketing

raspberries-215858_1280It’s the time of the year when love is in the air.  Chocolates and roses of all kinds line the store shelves, reservations have been booked, and in a few days, couples everywhere will walk hand in hand for a romantic evening on the town.

But there’s another type of love that we want you to think about this Valentine’s Day, and that’s the love you show for your online marketing effort.  Far too many law firms fall into the mindset that online marketing is a chore, something that they dread doing rather than something that they look forward to.

You may need a spark to rekindle the passion, and that’s what this blog piece hopes to do.  We’re going to show how spending time with marketing is, much like hanging out with your loved ones, something that should be adored and that makes you happy.  Maybe you just need to think of it a little bit differently than you have in the past.  Online marketing can bring a lot of good to your practice, but you get out what you put into it.

Just like any relationship, marketing isn’t a one-way street.  If you want online marketing to treat you well, you have to be willing to treat online marketing well.  By putting an appropriate amount of effort into your strategy, you should find that your ability to acquire new clients online excels beyond what you maybe even dreamed was possible.  And that’s the kind of love that you don’t see every day.

heart-462873_640SEO: Everyday Gestures

In some relationships, the partners really only take the time to have a wonderful evening together on events like Valentine’s Day.  That’s unfortunate, because it’s the day-to-day interactions that often prove to be the most important.  Holidays only come a few nights per year, but it’s the time between that you’ll wind up remembering as you grow old.

That’s how Search Engine Optimization needs to be approached.  The big problem that many businesses, law firms included, have with SEO is that they burn themselves out.  They think that the SEO game is a series of grand gestures, when in reality, it’s all about the daily ways that a business comports itself online.

Many a law firm has signed up for SEO wanting to do a whole host of things right away only to get burnt out rather quickly.  You can’t get Google to fall in love with you forever by doing a bunch of stuff for it at the beginning of the relationship only to fall into a slump shortly thereafter.  Google has a number of suitors, all trying to gain its favor.  Everyone must realize that the search engine is a fickle mistress indeed.  It takes more than just one or even a couple of grand gestures to woo it.  You have to be willing to give it something every single day, and that throws a lot of people off.

Wow the search engine with your content offerings, showing that you’re the best, most intelligent attorney in the state.  Hang out in all the right circles, getting the links that demonstrate you’re the type of attorney that people want in their corner.  Profess your love for the search engine at each and every turn by claiming your spot on assorted local directories, acquiring brand new outlets to bring people into contact with your practice.

Don’t do a complete website makeover for your initial date with a search engine only to let things slip a couple weeks later.  Keep up the work you’ve done for as long as your law firm exists, always taking time out of a busy day to pay attention to the search engine.  The moment Google feels neglected is the moment it ranks someone ahead of you.  The relationship may actually be a bit emotionally abusive, come to think of it, but it’s the truth of the matter.

rose-419079_640You Don’t Have To Conduct Online Marketing; You GET To Do Online Marketing

What we’ve just described hints at the hesitation that some law firms feel about legal marketing:  they see it as just a realignment of the traditional efforts that have paid off in the past.  You had success with billboards and a television ad campaign, but the takeoff of the internet means you have to shuffle your resources away from those marketing tactics that worked and put them into an unproven format instead.

We understand where you’re coming from, but the truth is that the world has changed.  Traditional marketing can still be successful, but it can’t be as successful as it once was.  People use the internet to make their legal decisions, and a law firm that doesn’t take that into account is doomed to miss out on a wide swath of its potential client base.

Try not to think of online marketing as something you’re forced to do, as down that road lies unhappiness.  You wind up looking for shortcuts and jumping at any excuse to neglect a potentially rewarding technique because it means you can retreat to the traditional strategies you’re more comfortable with but that won’t allow you to truly excel in today’s environment.

You get to do online marketing, and that’s something to get excited about.  Think about all that it allows you to do that wasn’t possible previously.  There used to be a time when you had to interject yourself into a person’s day and convince them that they needed legal help and that you were the attorney for the job.  Now, a person who requires legal assistance has a means of searching out information on their particular problem.  If you can use a combination of organic SEO strategies and Pay Per Click ads, you can land on that person’s radar.  You’re marketing only to the small sector of the audience that needs your help rather than wasting resources on individuals who will never require your skills.

You have the opportunity to give individuals an in-depth look at your firm via your website before they ever walk in the door.  You can guide them to the answers they seek, keep in touch with people on social media, and gain clients from places that never even existed in years past.

A Love That Never Dies

Make this Valentine’s Day all about love:  specifically, your love for online marketing.  Isn’t that what true love is all about?

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