Tips on Being Seen and Heard Online

A new article talks about the best ways to ensure you’re able to be found by those who need your services the most, and they show that SEO is a more wide-ranging discipline than perhaps anything else out there.

The author first talks about those SEO strategies which can be applied directly to your website.  That means setting up a variety of landing pages dedicated to keywords that apply to your particular firm and deploying quality content on those pages as well as to a constantly replenished blog.  The latter allows you to naturally put together a series of pages that clients and search algorithms would be interested in.  Titles and copy should contain keywords where they naturally fit so that you’re always improving your ranking potential.

But SEO is more than that.  Taking to social media now has benefits when it comes to ranking.  If you can demonstrate that your clients and other followers are actually engaged with your firm, your rankings should rise.  Conversations that put your law firm at the center are just one more way to bolster your credibility with clients and show that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to the law.

Such conversations also allow you to make a direct impact on what people are saying about you online.  If your client can’t get ahold of you, then they might be less likely to give you a five star review on something like Yelp, which could then hinder your SEO.  But if you communicate on social media and ask clients to fill out an honest review online, those reviews will tend to be far more favorable.

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