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rocket-79394_1280We often talk about the importance of creating awesome content that your prospective clients could truly benefit from, but perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves when we do that.  If creating great content were easy, then everyone would do it.  But saying all you have to do to acquire new clients is produce fantastic content is sort of like saying all you have to do to make it to outer space is build a rocket.  You may understand you need a rocket in concept, but putting it together doesn’t just happen overnight.

Today, we’re going to show you how to actually go about building that content rocket.  It takes more than just the basics to produce content that really serves the people you want enlisting your practice for help with their legal troubles, and that’s what we’ll cover today.

Before we get started, we’d first like to direct your attention to a new article from Entrepreneur that focuses on providing similar insights to a more general audience.  The author addresses the elements that add up to success in terms of content, and after you’ve read those, come back here to see how attorneys specifically can create content that will take them up into the heights of the stratosphere.

wordpress-265132_640Appreciate Clickbait

If you’ve spent any amount of time online, then maybe you’ve come across the term “clickbait.”  If you haven’t actually heard this term, then we have no doubt you’ve at least encountered clickbait at some point in your online wanderings.

“You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!”  “Doctors Don’t Want You To Know About This Miracle Food.”  “Top Ten Game Of Thrones Deaths That Would Break The Internet.”  There are entire websites dedicated to compiling these types of headlines, and when you click, you typically find the most inane drivel that has ever been put together in the history of the internet.

We’re not saying that you should add to the drivel that’s already accumulated on the furthest reaches of the world wide web, but you can learn a thing or two from the headlines.  The truth of the matter is that people click the types of eye-catching statements described above.  Those headlines dare a person to click, and many people take that dare just to see what’s up.

What kinds of hooks could you create in order to make sure you’re drawing an audience in?  Realize that people are looking for specific types of legal advice.  Somebody going through a divorce may respond to an ad and subsequent piece of content that says “Are You Ready To Play Hardball With A Cheating Spouse?”  A personal injury lawyer could produce something that reads “Get Compensation For Your Medical Bills!”  Any attorney could write, “Find Out Why Our Clients Give Us A 100% Satisfaction Rating!”

Of course, that’s just ads.  You also want to go beyond ads to create these kinds of headlines for organic content, and that will require the positioning of keywords to both cater to a person’s needs and suggest to Google that you deserve to be ranked highly in the search results.

The above ads don’t work for organic content because keywords aren’t there.  You have to switch things up depending on if you’re writing for PPC versus SEO.  How would that work in the above examples?  Well, the first one could be altered to read “El Paso Divorce Lawyers Serving Those Who’ve Been Wronged By A Spouse.”  The second could read “El Paso Personal Injury Attorneys’ Guide to Seeking Medical Bill Compensation.”  The third could read “El Paso Lawyers With The Best Client Satisfaction Ratings.”

Learn to make this adjustment depending on the medium that you’re gearing the content toward, even if the content is actually exactly the same once a person clicks a link.

angel-187070_640Clickbait Headlines, Not Clickbait Content

The reason clickbait gets a bad rap is because the actual material that a person reads when they take the bait is downright awful.  It’s a collection of facts from across the internet that have been better researched in other venues or a repository of third party photos that have been touched up poorly.  What it’s not is something of real value to the person who clicked.

That’s where you can distinguish your law firm from everyone else jockeying for position across the web.  While they’re focused on driving traffic, you can focus on driving conversions.  Traffic doesn’t mean much of anything should that traffic be made up of individuals who hit the back button the moment they arrive to a site. 

You want your content to keep people on your site and drive them toward filling out a consultation form or giving your practice a call, and that requires something more than everyone else is willing to give.  Ask yourself this question:  does my content match my headline?

That sounds simple, but far too many practices overlook this seemingly straightforward tactic.  They’re so focused on catching a person’s eye that they never bother to really consider whether or not the content is worthwhile.  If you have a landing page dedicated to helping a person seek compensation for their medical bills, you have to do more than just say your law firm is capable of helping a person seek compensation for their medical bills.  That’s the what, but it’s not the why.

The why is all the experience you’ll bring to bear in order to push a claim forward through the legal system.  It’s a description of the ways you’ll negotiate with the opposing party to secure a favorable settlement.  It’s the fact that you’ll set somebody up with financial aid in order to keep them afloat while they’re waiting for the case to reach its completion.

It’s all those things that you do that make you the lawyer you are.  People don’t know the awesome strategies you’ll apply to help them, and you want to give them answers to questions they didn’t know they had yet.  That’s how to produce content that puts you head and shoulders above the competition.

Rocket To The Top

Produce content that takes you all the way to outer space and allows you to acquire new clients.  Anything less than perfect and you do yourself and your firm a huge disservice.

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