Use Retargeting To Never Lose A Client Again

target-454197_1280Imagine for a second that you’re a retailer.  This being the Christmas season, there are people coming through your doors in droves to check out what kinds of items you have for sale.  But rather than actually buying the things they see on your shelves, your patrons pick them up, examine them closely, then put them back and walk right out the door.  Maybe, as they’re on their way out, they even pull out their phones to see what kinds of prices they can get the same items for on Amazon.

No business owner wants to go through that, but unfortunately, that’s precisely what far too many law firms go through online without even realizing it.  You go through the hard work of online marketing, traditional marketing, and Search Engine Optimization, and you have data in Google Analytics to prove it, but the number of phone calls that come in to your law firm may not reflect those numbers.  People could be visiting your website but then leaving once they get there.

This unfortunate situation is all too prevalent in the modern legal world, but you don’t have to put up with it thanks to a tactic known as retargeting.

Today, we’re going to delve a little more deeply into what retargeting is and explain precisely how you can put it to work for your practice.  But before we do, we want to point you in the direction of a new study from AdRoll that highlights the increased investment businesses are placing into retargeting.  This article in Marketing Land examines the results of that study, which found that a whopping 71% of marketers are dedicating at least 10% to as much as 50% of their budgets to this discipline.

Check out that article, and then come back here, as we’re going to show you how powerful retargeting can be for your law firm.

dart-444196_640What Is It?

Let’s go back to the retail example.  So those people we referred to walked out your door.  Now imagine that, after they’ve left your store, they start seeing ads for your business everywhere they go.  When they travel down the highway, they pass by repeated billboards for your store.  When they get home, they see your ads on television.  Before they go to bed at night, a photo of your store flashes in their bathroom mirror as they brush their teeth.

This is how retargeting works online, albeit in a slightly less creepy way.  A prospective client who visits your website may leave, but that’s not the end of the story.  After they’ve been to your website, they start to see ads for your legal services wherever they go online.  If they’re still interested in legal representation, they will be far more inclined to click the link of the very lawyer whose site they already visited rather than committing themselves to a brand new search for an attorney.

Retargeting can actually be very helpful for a law firm.  Here’s why:  the client journey is not as straightforward as it would initially appear.  In an ideal scenario, a person would decide that they need a lawyer, be exposed to an ad or find you through a Google search, and then once they reach your website, they would fill out a form or give you a call to set up a consultation.

Sometimes that’s how it works, but there’s certainly no guarantee.  It’s actually far more common that a person visits your website, looks around for a little bit, then retreats.  Maybe they want to conduct more research into their situation before reaching out, maybe they want to see what other practices have to offer, maybe they’re hesitant to hire a lawyer in the first place, or maybe they make a mental note to call you but then forget about it.

Retargeting ensures that they won’t forget about you.  It makes it so that a person will constantly be reminded of the attorney with the sterling track record whose content helped inform them of the circumstances of their situation.  It keeps you at the forefront of the thoughts of the very people who are most likely to bring your law firm new business.

That’s what retargeting can do for you.  But to really get the most out of the strategy, you also have to remember a few things…

gate-229024_640Unlock The Gates To Your Firm

Your retargeting ads won’t be able to reach their utmost potential unless you have a sound strategy in place for both the appearance of the ad and the landing page it takes the individual to should they decide to click.

The person who sees your ad is already at least slightly interested in hiring an attorney, otherwise they never would have visited your web domain in the first place.  As such, you can afford a hard sell.  If somebody visited that section of your site that’s dedicated to exploring how medical malpractice lawsuits work, you can target that person with an ad that flat-out says, “Malpractice turned your life upside-down.  Our lawyers are here to help.”

Clearly, that’s the kind of thing your audience will be interested in, so be sure to give the people what they want.  There’s no need to beat around the bush.  Get right to the point with the ad, addressing the very topic that they clearly need legal help on.  They’re already trying to get a handle on their situation, and you want to send them a signal that coming back to your website, and in turn your law firm, is the answer to their troubles.

Make sure, too, that what they find when they click the ad is focused and set up to convert that person to a client.  This is where you pitch your legal services, where you discuss precisely why your law firm above all others is qualified to handle the situation.  Don’t shy away from emphasizing an immediate free consultation or putting in a time-sensitive offer.  Let the person know they can call you RIGHT NOW.

A Tempting Retarget

Retargeting works.  It allows you to acquire as clients the very people who you came so close to acquiring before.  Don’t let your audience slip away right when you’re about to close the deal.

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